Welcome to my website. It’s actually been around for a long time, but I must admit I let it lapse for a few years. Unfortunately, life seriously got in the way, and then changed dramatically for me.

But I’m back, and I have to say that because I’ve changed in my life and priorities, so the tone, outlook, and content of the site will be slightly different as well at times.

I guess like all of us, my passions and interests have changed. Also professionally, I’ve now changed careers, and had a divorce. So everything in my life that was here previously is mostly no longer relevant.

I’ve really got heavily into bodybuilding in the past couple of years. It’s made me feel really great emotionally, and delivered significant energy gains for my daily life. So I will be focusing on working out heavily. Plus, just exercise and a healthy lifestyle generally is my passion which I want to pass on here.

I do use supplements, and have experimented with many of the natural bodybuilding and general health supplements out there. I’ve also used SARMs, and over the past couple of years and have done several stacks which seem to have had a significant effect on my stamina, strength, muscle mass, and fat composition.

So I will be talking about my workout routines, and the results I’ve got, both naturally and using supplements.

I will also be talking about motivation is that something I’ve got heavily into after going through a bad marriage breakup. It really knocked me back, and I got into some pretty dark corners at times.

I learned a lot, and if I can help just one person to back away from that dark door through encouraging them to eat better, exercise, choose to look at each situation in a different way, and develop more positive thinking, then that would have been an incredible achievement.

I have a child, and a new and healthy relationship now. The bad patches are behind me, but the dark shadows do sometimes still lurk in the corners of my mind.

On top of that, just like everyone else, I do have emotional problems and triggers, have drunk too much and taken too much, and been excessive in other things I’ve done. If you don’t learn from it, it’s a problem, if you do, and you can get it under control, then that’s a brilliant way to live life.

Put together guys, I’m hoping to do here is turn this into a general advice site based around my current passions. Unlike other people to benefit in the way I have.

I’d like you to see how I got out of dark places, what exercise and healthy eating have done for me, and how SARMs and supplements used sensibly can significantly increase your results if you work hard.

So I hope you enjoy the website, and if you have any questions about what I’m talking about, please feel free to drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll try and get back to soon as I can.