Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: How To Use Quick Luck To Pass A Drug Test

Quick luck synthetic urine

If you’re looking for the most advanced fake urine that stands the best chance of passing a drug test, then Quick Luck is it. In this full Quick Luck synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you exactly why it’s the best.

I’ll talk you through exactly how complex it is and what’s in it. I will compare it to the second-best fake urine called Sub Solution, and the best budget brand called Quick Fix.

Then, I’ll explain the scrutiny a sample can go through when you submit it and tell you exactly how to use Quick Luck so that it has the best chance of passing that important drug test.

What Is Quick Luck & How Complex Is It?

Sub Solution is the number one bestselling fake urine brand. Highly complex, it comes with the incredible heat activator powder I will talk about in a moment.

A few years back though, Clear Choice, who make Sub Solution, launched a new product called Quick Luck. More advanced, it’s just a slightly better formula and is more convenient for using to pass a short-notice drug test.

Clear Choice Quick Luck is highly complex, and as a premium fake urine kit, it has the following characteristics:

  • Contains 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • Chemicals include creatinine, uric acid, and urea
  • All chemicals perfectly balanced within human ranges
  • Balanced for ph. range
  • Balanced for specific gravity range
  • Looks, froths, and even smells like human urine
  • Comes with heat activator powder
  • Quick Luck kit also includes a pair of high-quality heatpads

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Let’s quickly now do a direct comparison between Quick Luck and Sub Solution, so you can see why Quick Luck is an upgraded version:

  1. Sub Solution is a powder while Quick Luck is premixed liquid. Therefore, Quick Luck cuts out the first preparation step. That makes it more suitable for on-the-spot, on-the-job, short-notice drug testing.
  2. The Quick Luck premium kit is a slightly more complex formula. No details have been released, but Clear Choice makes the point that it’s an upgraded version of Sub Solution.
  3. Although this is a nice optional extra, Quick Luck comes with a pair of good-quality heatpads. If you don’t want to just rely on heat activator powder just before you submit your sample, you can preheat it with the pads and leave the heat activator powder less work to do.

But, overall, Sub Solution and Quick Luck are pretty similar. If you really just want the best fake urine that stands the best chance, then get Quick Luck. But, Sub Solution, is almost as good at passing any level of normal scrutiny.

sub solution vs quick luck

Quick Luck Vs Quick Fix

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Quick Fix, the best of the budget brands of fake urine out there.

When it comes to comparing them, it’s really like apples and oranges. Both are fake urine, but they are incomparable in terms of composition.

Here are the comparison points between Quick Luck Vs Quick Fix:

  1. Quick Fix contains only the basics that would be looked for during validity tests. Urea and uric acid, creatinine levels, and it looks like urine.
  2. Quick Fix uses a heatpad. Just one heatpad to keep the sample warm. It is a good heatpad, but just one, and with no heat activator powder to react to problems, means there’s a higher chance you not being able to submit it within the correct temperature range.

Overall, Quick Fix is still good enough right now to pass a basic drug test. Something like pre-employment; a cheaply commissioned five panel drug test. But, for that important drug test, you really want Quick Luck.

This Is The Scrutiny Your Sample Could Face (Why You Need Quick Luck)

When you hand your sample over it can face up to 4 levels of scrutiny:

  1. The first thing that is done within two minutes of you handing the sample over is to check the temperature. Legally, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F. That’s why it’s so vital that you keep the sample within this range up until the point you submit it; it’s the one thing you can do to influence the drug test.
  2. As long as it passes the temperature check, within a few hours it will undergo a validity dipstick test. This is a standard panel test that looks for problems with the sample. It checks that creatinine levels are within the correct range, it looks (sometimes) for urea and uric acid levels, it checks pH and specific gravity range, and it checks for adulterants like nitrates.
  3. As long as your sample passes both these two steps, it will undergo an immunoassay. This is usually another panel drug test where reactive panels are tested with your sample to see if you test positive (e.g. 5-panel test looks for five different substances).
  4. Only if your sample fails step two or three, or there is suspicion based on observations of it, will it go for a full gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis. No fake urine will fool this, but it is incredibly rare because it’s expensive for the labs to carry out.

Therefore, Quick Luck has to pass the first three levels of scrutiny. It can easily do this because of its complexity and the heat activator powder.

Plus, it looks like urine, it froths like it because it contains albumin like human urine does, and it even smells like urine. It will definitely pass the scrutiny and suspicion of a curious lab technician.

Instructions For Using Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Let’s now talk you through how to use Quick Luck to actually pass a drug test.

You already know what’s in the Quick Luck premium kit, and it’s all about the potency of the premixed urine and the heat activator powder.

These are the instructions you need to follow:

  1. If you are going to use heat pads then you’ll need to activate them first. They really aren’t needed, but if you feel that they will help to raise the temperature and leave less work for the heat activator powder to do just before you enter the building to submit your sample, then feel free to use them. I don’t bother though; they just add a layer of complexity.
  2. There’s literally no preparation if you’re going to use the heat activator powder. It’s premixed, and you don’t need to preheat the sample.
  3. So, the first step the preparation is actually the final step for using most fake urine kits. You simply need to conceal it. Tuck it tightly into your underwear in the crotch area, and put on baggy jogging bottoms. For unsupervised drug testing, you won’t be intimately and directly searched, and therefore this is a failsafe way of concealing the sample.
  4. Just before you go into the building to submit your sample, you’ll need to raise the temperature so that it’s within the correct range between 90°F and 100°F. Tap in about one third of the heat activator powder and shake the urine until it dissolved.

Wait about one minute and check the temperature strip. Make sure you are watching it all the time in case it raises above 100°F and then doesn’t show a reading again. If it definitely hasn’t done that and isn’t registering a reading (or it’s a low one), then tap in a little more and repeat the process until you get a reading that is close to 100°F.

how to use quick luck synthetic urine

Does Quick Luck Pass A LabCorp And Quest Drug Test?

Quick Luck is a premium synthetic urine kit. It’s the best on the market right now.

It will pass all three levels of scrutiny below the gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis. No fake urine will pass this.

But it’s best it getting you through the first three layers of analysis (temperature check, validity tests, urinalysis immunoassay).

It doesn’t matter which provider you are having your test completed by, whether it’s Quest, LabCorp or someone else, Quick Luck is up to the job of passing those three levels of scrutiny.

Where To Buy Quick Luck Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck should be bought from the Clear Choice web store at Test Negative. Don’t buy it from anywhere else, because it will be fake. Clear Choice is the only place to buy it. Can also buy Sub Solution should you want a slightly cheaper option. Sub Solution is nearly as complex, and it uses the heat activator powder. It will also get you through the three levels of normal scrutiny just as easily.

Sub Solution costs $85 and Quick Luck costs $100. So there is a slight premium because it’s premixed and you get a pair of heatpads as well.

Compare that to Quick Fix, the best of the budget brands, costing just $30 for the standard kit. It’s a world apart in terms of price and performance.

If you’ve got an important drug test, and you want to ensure that it’s submitted within the correct temperature range and stands the best chance of not only passing normal scrutiny but also the curiosity of a lab technician, then Quick Luck is definitely the premium kit you should be investing in.