Guide To The Best SARMs Stacks: Bulking, Cutting, Strength And Fat Loss

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I’m pouring my heart and soul into this complete guide to SARMs. Five years of using, and I decided to sit down and write about everything you’ll need to help you go on your own journey fast. I’m going to talk to extensively about what SARMs are, how to take them, dosing them, side effects, and how much online about SARMs use you can really trust.

I’m going to go into really good details on the exact SARMs stack you need for bulking, cutting, strength, fat loss, and even the best SARMs stack for females to use to tone up and cut fat.

So sit back, buckle up, and get ready, because in the next 10 minutes you’re going to learn everything you need to know (backed up by research and links to the stuff you need to know) to start using SARMs safely and successfully

General Tips On Using SARMs For Bodybuilding

Before I delve into this topic to deeply, I just want to go through the basics of using SARMs for bodybuilding, so that we are definitely on the same page.

Right at the start here though, I want to bust through all the rubbish you read online to tell you that if you work hard, back it up with great diet and exercise, and learn how to stack the right SARMs for you, you can achieve the following.

  • Dry and chiseled hard muscle
  • Lean muscle gains that you simply cannot get naturally
  • Drive and determination like never before
  • Strength and endurance completely levels-up
  • Recovery times are dramatically lower than natural
  • An ability to cut fat you cannot achieve without starvation naturally

I was skeptical about SARMs in the beginning, I’ll be honest about that. I first cycle didn’t produce much cutting, but I realized the dose of Ostarine was too low. I was a bit conservative, but the second cycle was massively impressive.

Over the past few years, I’ve dramatically improve my muscle tone, strength, and cut fat significantly using SARMs, and as long as they are used sensibly, they can be life-changing. My journey would have been completely different without them

1. What SARMs Are Exactly

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. That means it literally selectively activates androgen receptors, pretty much exclusively in bone and muscle tissue.

SARMs have significantly different effects though. Some just tell your muscles to grow stronger and larger. Others do that but also tell you to burn more fat, while others almost purely tell you to burn fat and maintain your muscle tone in a calorie deficit. So not all SARMs are created equal, not even the ones that are anabolic (meaning they mimic testosterone).

Also, SARMs aren’t all androgenic in the effects they have in the body. Some SARMs, namely, Cardarine, Stenabolic, Ibutamoren, and (at low doses) Ostarine, do not impact on testosterone levels.

2. The Different Forms SARMs Coming

You can buy SARMs online in three different formats:

  1. The powder is the most common and cheapest way to buy SARMs. However, the downside is that SARMs powder is more difficult to consume.
  2. The second most popular way of buying SARMs is sublingual liquid. That’s where the SARMs powder is suspended/absorbed in it. You simply pop it under the tongue to absorb for a while, and then swallow with a little water. On the downside, it can be difficult to dose exactly with liquid SARMs, especially with some SARMs that require doses as low as a few milligrams.
  3. SARMs capsules are the easiest way to consume SARMs. Easy to dose, no dealing with powder, no having to guess doses with liquid. On the downside though, SARMs capsules can be twice the price of liquid and powder.

3. How To Take SARMs

Before I want to talk about specific SARMs and stacks, I just want to cover how you take SARMs.

For capsules, it’s simply a case of taking the right number of capsules to reach the dose you need. For liquid, you fill the small tube with the right amount of liquid to drip under your tongue, and for powder, you will need to wait on a micro-scale.

But generally, consuming SARMs orally is pretty straightforward, and as a beginner, I guess my advice would have to be to go for SARMs capsules if you are in any doubt about getting the correct dose.

The Most Popular SARMs & The Details You Need On Each

Before I turn to use SARMs in detail, especially through the power of SARMs stacking, want to talk to you about the most popular SARMs out there, and give you a bit of detail on each.

  1. MK-2866 Ostarine

  • General Info: Ostarine is the original, and most mild, SARM available. It’s been around for about 30 years and is a great place to start with using SARMs, especially with that initial cut that most people want. Just don’t have very high expectations, and be wary of people making big claims like this.
  • Good For: It’s great for cutting fat. But what it does is to tell the body to burn fat and not muscle. So in a calorie deficit, you will protect the muscle gains you have made, and burn more fat than you can naturally.
  • Requires PCT: Ostarine won’t require a PCT supplement within normal dosage ranges. However, at higher doses, it may become mildly androgenic, and require a weak PCT supplement (Nolvadex) to help the body recover testosterone production.
  • Best Stacked With Ostarine is best used as part of a cutting stack. Therefore, it’s great to put with Cardarine, which raises energy levels and allows you to burn more calories.
  • Recommended For: This SARM is definitely recommended for beginners. It’s very mild, and you shouldn’t suffer a testosterone drop if you use it within accepted dosage ranges. Good for cutting and maintaining, but not too aggressively.
  • Dosage Range: Ostarine is usually dosed at around 10 mg per day as a minimum for men, and a maximum for women. On its own, doses up to 30 mg are typical, and around 20 mg as part of a stack.
  1. RAD-140 Testolone

  • General Info: Testolone is a very potent androgenic SARM. It builds huge amounts of lean muscle and builds strength dramatically. There are downsides to using it though because of this potency, with some people experiencing significant testosterone depletion very quickly, as this guy found out.
  • Good For: This SARM is brilliant for developing significant lean muscle mass. Very potent and always at the heart of most of bulking stacks.
  • Requires PCT: RAD-140 is significantly anabolic in nature. It binds to the androgen receptors with a very high affinity and is very aggressive. At high doses it’s almost like an anabolic steroid in the effects it has on testosterone levels. Definitely requires significant PCT, which means high doses of Clomid.
  • Best Stacked With It’s best stacked with SARMs which help to build strength and muscle. It can be stacked with Cardarine or SR-9009 which will build endurance and allow you to work out harder, or teamed up with Ligandrol to build endurance, cut fat, and build even more muscle.
  • Recommended For: This SARM is really only recommended for advanced SARMs users. At very low doses you could try it, and even add it to a stack, but if you really want to use it to full effect, you need to allow your body time to develop its bone and muscle structure before hitting this hard.
  • Dosage Range: Typical dosage ranges are as low as 5 mg per day, through to about 20 mg at a high dose. A typical dose on its own is around 10 mg, and as part of the stacks, less than that.
  1. LGD-4033 Ligandrol

  • General Info: Structurally very similar to Ostarine, it’s often referred to as “Super Osta”. It’s highly selective but more forceful in how it produces effects than Ostarine. People also generally report significant strength and muscle gains with fewer side effects and testosterone drop than RAD-140.
  • Good For: Ligandrol is a great SARM for cutting and is a far more potent leak than Ostarine. However, because of its androgenic power, it can also encourage noticeable lean muscle gains. Basically, it’s a good all-rounder which can be taken on its own, or stacked easily.
  • Requires PCT: Ligandrol has been proven to deliver significant HPTA suppression even at moderate doses. In some studies, testosterone decreased by around 50% over 12 weeks. Definitely watch this one, keep your doses moderate, and have Clomid to hand for PCT.
  • Best Stacked With: Ligandrol is brilliant for the maintenance stack. Teamed up with Cardarine or Stenabolic energy and fat burning lifts, you will burn a ton of fat, and not only maintain your muscle mass but even increase it.
  • Recommended For: This is definitely recommended for intermediate users onwards. Not for beginners, you are better to use Ostarine as an entry point into cutting and maintenance.
  • Dosage Range: The typical dosage range for Ligandrol can be as low as 2 mg per day, with 10 mg being typical as part of the stack. No adverse effects have been stated on doses up to 20 mg during individual use.
  1. S-4 Andarine

  • General Info: Andarine has been shown in studies to have a significant anabolic effect in muscle tissue, but not with a high effect on androgenicity. Proven to improve strength and mass, while minimizing body fat. A good all-rounder.
  • Good For: On its own, Andarine can cut fat, build muscle, and raise energy levels. Like Ligandrol, it is very structurally similar to Ostarine, which is why it has the ability to not only cut fat and protect muscle but even grow it.
  • Requires PCT: Andarine has been shown to not impact testosterone production as highly are some other SARMs. However, that typical dosage range of testosterone depletion has been noted, and Nolvadex will be required.
  • Best Stacked With S-23 for massive bulk and growth (or Testolone), or for an all-round maintenance and cutting stack with some development, you could team it up with Cardarine.
  • Recommended For: Intermediate SARMs users. Beginners can use it at lower doses, but you shouldn’t try it in a stack unless you are aware of how your body reacts to androgenic SARMs. It’s generally accepted that the risk-reward profile of using S-4 is higher than using Ligandrol, which has very similar effects (although more pronounced within the same dose range).
  • Dosage Range: The typical dosage range for Andarine is between 20 mg and 80 mg per day, but it’s not recommended to go above 50 mg, even for advanced users due to the potential for high doses to temporarily add a yellow tint to your vision and create partial night blindness.
  1. GW-501516 Cardarine

  • General Info: This SARM is not actually a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator at all. It actually works in the body as a PPAR Delta receptor agonist. So it’s marketed with SARMs but doesn’t work in the same way.
  • Good For: accelerates human metabolism. It also helps to regulate the genes which deal with the transport of fatty acids. Therefore, it increases our energy metabolism, in simple terms, meaning you will burn more fat over glucose, and have higher levels of available energy.
  • Requires PCT: Cardarine does not interact with the androgen receptors in the body and therefore does not require a PCT supplement.
  • Best Stacked With: Cardarine can be stacked with literally anything. Because it boosts energy levels you will work out harder, burn more energy, and recover faster.
  • Recommended For: Cardarine is good for beginners. It raises your energy levels and will allow you to burn more fat and workout harder without any androgenic side effects. In athletics circles, it’s referred to as “energy in a bottle”.
  • Dosage Range: Cardarine dosage range is as low as 2.5 mg. A high dose is seen as around 10 mg. On its own, can take that much, but within a stack, I would never recommend higher than 5 mg.

Cardarine weight loss stack

  1. YK-11

  • General Info: YK-11 is another chemical that’s marketed as a SARM but actually isn’t one at all. In fact, in structure, it’s far closer to steroids and should be seen as a synthetic anabolic steroid. That means it is androgenic, but not in the same way as truly anabolic SARMs.
  • Good For: It’s great for people who want to build lean muscle. Studies have shown it does bind the androgen receptors, but not with a high affinity. It was also shown to stimulate the release of something called follistatin, which is a protein that central to muscle growth. Therefore, it’s great for building muscle but won’t have the same impact on your testosterone levels as some true SARMs.
  • Requires PCT: YK-11 isn’t highly androgenic, but at larger doses it certainly will be enough to deplete your T levels. Some people will tell you it doesn’t require a PCT supplement, but I’m telling you that you may well do if you are taking higher doses.
  • Best Stacked With: As a bulking chemical, YK-11 is best used as part of the bulking stack. It can be used with a potent androgenic SARM quite well because it doesn’t have high androgenic effects itself, delivering significant gains.
  • Recommended For: Anyone can use this, and with less androgenic side effects than some true SARMs. However, this is a potent synthetic steroid, and although side effects appear to be minimal, at higher doses it can cause some issues.
  • Dosage Range: YK-11 dosage range is up to 5 mg as a low dose, and up to 10 mg as a high dose daily.

Best SARMs For Cutting

When it comes to creating a potent SARMs cutting stack, you have several choices. What you are basically doing is pairing up a SARM that can burn fat while protecting muscle, with another chemical helps to elevate your energy levels so that you burn more fat.

For me, the best SARMs cutting stack is this:

  • 15 mg Ostarine (Swap with Ligandrol for a potent cut)
  • 5 mg Ligandrol
  • 5 mg Stenabolic (another potent energy booster)
  • 12 week cycle
  • 8 week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement required if using Ligandrol (Nolvadex)

Best SARMs Stack For Bulking

The best SARMs stack for bulking will usually contain two of the three main SARMs that do help you to significantly put on lean muscle mass. For me, the combo that is best is this:

  • 10 mg RAD-140
  • 10 mg S-23
  • 10 mg GW-501516 ( or swap out for SR-9009)
  • 10 week SARMs cycle
  • At least an eight-week break
  • PCT supplement definitely required (clomid)
  • Not for beginners

I’ll also mention here MK-677. It’s not actually a SARM, but what it does is increase your appetite levels, and can elevate levels of HGH and IGF-1. Use it instead of S-23, or if you’re an advanced user, as well as it at a very low dose (10 mg or less).

best sarms stack for bulking

Best SARMs Stack For Significant Fat Loss

If you really want to focus on fat loss above anything else, then you’re looking at SARMs which tells the body to burn fat instead of glucose and muscle tissue, and that dramatically increase your energy levels.

For me, the best fat loss SARMs stack is this:

  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 10 mg Stenabolic
  • 20 mg Ostarine
  • 12 week SARMs cycle
  • Eight-week break
  • PCT supplement not required

SARMs For Gaining Strength

Using SARMs for strength is not the same as bulking, which is something many people get confused by. You’re looking to gain strength to prepare for a significant bulking phase, and also to burn more calories.

This is the stack I would recommend to increase your strength:

  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 10 mg Andarine
  • 10 mg Stenabolic
  • 12 week cycle
  • Eight-week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement not usually required (may require Nolvadex in some)

Best SARMs Stack For Females

Women tend to use SARMs for a slightly different reason to men. Most men want to use SARMs to bulk up, even if initially they want to use them to cut fat.

With women, it doesn’t tend to be about bulking though. They are looking to cut fat as much as possible, increase strength, and potentially also muscle tone. So the SARMs that they use have to be slightly different.

Also, females don’t need such a high dose, and sometimes get away with dosing every other day. Plus, they don’t get testosterone suppression problems.

This is a tried and trusted SARMs stack for females that I recommend you experiment with:

  • 10 mg Ostarine daily
  • 10 mg Cardarine every other day
  • 10 mg Andarine every other day (swap out for Stenabolic if you don’t want to harden muscle)
  • 12 week cycle
  • At least a six-week break between cycles
  • No PCT supplement required

Using PCT Supplements With SARMs

The use of a PCT supplement with SARMs is very important, but often completely overlooked by many people until the testosterone production has been impacted so much that they get long-lasting negative effects.

When it comes to using PCT supplements, you’ve got three levels:

  • Mild: natural supplements like Rebirth PCT
  • medium: Nolvadex
  • Strong: Clomid

As you now know, some SARMs aren’t androgenic at all. You won’t need any type of PCT supplement. For others, things like Ostarine and low doses of Andarine, you may only need a mild PCT supplement

Nolvadex will do for most situations. For single SARMs at moderate doses or low doses of several stack together, it will help to bounce your testosterone levels back within about four weeks.

However, if you are hitting a heavy bulking stack as I’ve outlined above, then Clomid is definitely what you should be looking at using.

The first signs of testosterone drop things like depression, a lack of energy, a lack of enthusiasm, alongside things like lower sex drive and poorer muscle response.

However, if you ignore those first signs and don’t wind down your SARMs cycle, or stop it, and switch straight to PCT, then you could find that your estrogen levels rise so high that you start to build permanent breast tissue, known as gyno. Even worse, if you keep ignoring it, you could find that you get the worst-case scenario of testosterone shutdown, which can be permanent.

So knowing how heavily androgenic the SARMs you’re using are, learning to spot the signs of testosterone drop, and reacting immediately with the best PCT supplement when they do drop, is crucial to ensuring that you don’t suffer any long-term health problems.

Liquid Nolvadex PCT

Can You Trust  SARM Before And After Photos?

I don’t want to go on about this too much, but SARMs before and after photos should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. That’s why I don’t really bother to use them to show people my progress.

The thing is, how can you believe in? How would you know it’s me, or that it SARMs I’m using? How will you know if I’m honest about the SARMs in doses I’m using, if I’m not stacking steroids, or how long I’ve been doing things for and what intensity?

Be wary of all the following things:

  • Photos of muscles and tone which just don’t seem real
  • Photos that seem “smoothed” or altered
  • The angles before and after photos are taken at
  • Over what time has to photo seem to be taken?

The truth is, you simply cannot know the truth about before and after photos at all. My advice is to always ignore them. The best thing you can do is to learn as much as possible, and then start with your own simple SARMs experimentation. Don’t ever make a purchase based on a photo.

What About SARMs Reviews Online?

Another thing you have to be wary of is SARMs reviews online. Some of the formal ones are really easy to spot because they just read like they are written by somebody who is sitting in a writing factory.

But what I’m really talking about more than that, is those user reviews on sites like Reddit, and other social media.

Those SARMs reviews are peppered with people from the SARMs companies rating them, paid reviewers, and competitors trying to do each other down. Always be skeptical of what you read on forums and social media. You can make great gains, but you have to work hard, and they are not anabolic steroids

SARMs Side Effects & Warnings

I want to be clear here that SARMs are completely unregulated. Most, other than notably Ostarine, haven’t ever really been trialed on humans either.

So what you’ve got with SARMs is to research chemicals that have certain effects, but we don’t really know what doses they should be used, what the real benefits are, and what the pitfalls and side effects could be of long-term use.

However, after 20 years of most of them being in use, we don’t see a waterfall of people screaming about their lives falling to bits. Quite the opposite in fact.

For me, you just have to be sensible to avoid most of the side effects.

It’s obvious that a lot of the side effects out there are coming from depleted testosterone. As long as you learn the signs of testosterone drop and you use a PCT supplement, even if it means ending your cycle early, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Individually, it’s well known that Andarine at higher doses can cause a yellow tent on vision and a lowering of night vision abilities. However, as long as you stay below 50 mg, then you will be fine.

Generally, keep your doses as low as possible. Especially if you are stacking them. The body is aware, what your mood and outlook, and listen to what others around you are telling you.


Consider All-Natural SARMs Alternative Supplements

If you don’t want to use SARMs, or you can’t get your hands on them because it’s tough right now, then there are some all natural SARMs alternatives out there that you can try instead.

Now I’m not saying they are as good as SARMs, otherwise everyone would be using them. But they do bridge the gap between natural bodybuilding and SARMs, sort of a halfway house.

They are constructed from proven natural ingredients to mimic the effects of a certain type of SARM at a lower level.

Brutal Force the company I would recommend you take a look at. They do a good range that mimics all the main types of SARMs.

For example, Ostabulk minutes Ostarine. It’s ingredients promote fat burning, increased energy levels, and muscle hardening properties. Plus, you may even increase your testosterone levels rather than depleting them.

On the whole, you’ve got the following pros of using SARMs alternatives:

  • Accessible
  • Safe and easy-to-use
  • Affordable
  • Can mimic the results of SARMs at a lower level
  • Can be stacked alongside SARMs
  • Can be used post cycle

There are some cons though:

  • Not as powerful as SARMs
  • can be quite pricey for stacks


Where To Buy Good Quality SARMs

I really hope this guide to using SARMs, especially how to expertly stack them to get the best effect you need, has helped you to get the lowdown on getting started.

I want to finish here with actually one of the biggest points about using SARMs. That point is you will struggle to find pure SARMs.

What you are looking for is SARMs that have a genuine third-party, independent, lab-tested guarantee with them.

Every batch needs to be tested by an independent lab, and the lab report is posted on the product page. Not many retailers do that, and the SARMs industry is riddled with people who make them up, don’t bother at all, or use the less than reliable Chinese manufacturers’ analysis and then claim it’s their own independent lab test.

It’s been well-documented anecdotally, and through this formal study, that more than 50% of the SARMs available online don’t contain what they say, or in the correct proportions, and can even contain anabolic steroids instead. That’s why you have to be so careful.

As well as that, you’re looking for SARMs sellers that have a good reputation online over many years. Again, that knocks out most of the companies around at the moment.

Putting those two crucial aspects into effect in my own decision-making, this is the list of the three that I’ve found met those two criteria, and that I have used exclusively over the past year, and two of them for several years longer than that.


  1. Chemyo

I’ve only been using these guys for about a year, but they tick both of the boxes I look for, and for me, they have replaced another company that dropped out of the market a few months back. Chemyo offers superb quality guaranteed. You’ll see the lab reports, giving you peace of mind. The prices are also excellent.

To give you one example, the classic SARM Ostarine costs just $60 for a 50 ml dropper bottle, dosed at 25 mg/mL. Like Science, Chemyo sells both SARMs liquid and powders, and the quality is excellent. 

I also just want to mention the SARMs stacks that CHEMYO sell. They are a little different because they are pairs of SARMs, rather than selling you three or four. Great for beginners who can’t cope, or shouldn’t cope, with many different types.

The pairs really complement each other. You can get paired SARMs for strength, bulking, and cutting.

There are eight different stacks to choose from, and you’ll save 10% by buying them together. At a huge discount, but when you’re getting such high-quality SARMs at a great price (especially in the current climate where SARMs supplies are drying up), then any discount is a positive.

2. Swiss Chems

third on my list of the best SARMs sources out there is Swiss Chems. The only downside is these guys stop selling liquid a couple of years back and now exclusively sell SARMs capsules only.

However, that’s only a small downside is the quality of the capsules they sell is incredibly high. Swiss Chems now also recently dramatically expanded its range to include a wide range of other peptides like BPC-157, which many bodybuilders are starting to adopt.

Pricing is slightly higher because of the capsule format, however for the past couple of months they have lowered their prices, so this may continue.

As an example, you can buy 60 capsules of Andarine, each dosing 25 mg for just $65.95 currently.

The other thing I’ll say about Swiss Chems is that they are the only SARMs supply I know who sell all the high-quality SARMs and also sell generic Nolvadex and Clomid. They are the only “one-stop-shop” to get the SARMs for a stack, and the PCT supplement you may need afterward.

RAD 140 Testolone
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use SARMs during PCT?

It’s not recommended to use SARMs during post-cycle therapy if you are already using SARMs on cycle. However, some people do use SARMs during PCT when they are using anabolic steroids. But that’s not the whole story as people do use some SARMs in between cycles.

Basically, you are not looking to use androgenic SARMs between cycles. Ostarine is mildly androgenic, but not very much, and so it is often used post cycle to protect muscle gains. Other SARMs such as GW-501516, YK-11, MK-677, and SR-9009 are not androgenic at all and can be used between cycles of androgenic SARMs (RAD-140, S-4, LGD-4033, and S-23). Just be cautious using SARMs between cycles, because your body really could use the break.

Do bodybuilders use SARMs?

Unfortunately, that’s really not an easy question to answer, it’s like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. The general answer is yes, some bodybuilders use SARMs, but many don’t.

Some bodybuilders will only use SARMs. Some will use SARMs with peptides, or other supplements. Some will use SARMs with anabolic steroids. If you’re looking at the real pro bodybuilders with incredible bodies, I’m afraid that most of them are still using anabolic steroids, and sometimes steroid use is propped up with SARMs on top as well. SARMs also allow you to get your feet wet with drug use before you actually go for anabolic steroids, but again, this is for hard-core people only who are playing with our health.

But yes, the guys down the gym who are really getting the great results that you simply can’t get near, if they’re not using steroids (which is rarer and rarer now), are the bodybuilders using SARMs.

When should you take SARMs?

You can start the SARMs cycle any time you want. SARMs are best stacked, and usually, the stacks are done in cycle durations of up to 12 weeks, with more potent stacks being done in cycles around eight weeks usually. You can also take some non-anabolic SARMs between cycles, but it’s also best to give the body a break where possible and to use PCT supplements to allow six or more weeks of post-cycle recovery.

In terms of specifically when you should take the SARMs during your cycle, it will depend on the type you are taking. Mostly, it’s best taken first thing in the morning, but some with a short half-life will require topping up later in the day.

Are SARMs banned?

SARMs are banned in the USA for human use. They are research chemicals that have never been through clinical trials for human use for any purpose in any country in the world. So they are mostly of the status that they should not be used by humans in most countries, but this is not always backed up legally.

Anyone selling SARMs must not advertise them for human consumption or suggest that they can have positive effects on humans if they consume them. But that doesn’t stop people from selling them, and it doesn’t stop people from buying them, both of which are legal.

However, that may change soon in the USA as there is a SARMs control bill going through Congress (although it’s been delayed for two years so far), which would make it a scheduled substance that could not be sold legally, in the same way as anabolic steroids are fully banned in the USA, and most other countries.

Where to buy SARMs?

Buying SARMs online can be a real nightmare. You should never buy SARMs from general marketplace sites like eBay or Amazon, anywhere related to China like Alibaba, or dodgy websites that look like they have been put up in five minutes and don’t have a good marketing history.

You should only buy SARMs online from reputable sellers who publish independent lab test reports on the product pages showing the purity of the SARMs they sell. This should be backed up by a moneyback guarantee, and a search online for that seller should show plenty of anecdotal chat on knowledgeable forums and sites saying that people are successfully using the SARMs they sell.