Best Ecdysterone Supplements: Full Review Including Results & Where To Buy

Let’s talk about sapogenins. I know, you may be wondering what the hell those are. I’m telling you, they are potentially potent bodybuilding supplements.

Sapogenins are plant steroids. I’ll explain more about what they are in detail in a moment. Ecdysterone is one of those plant steroids and is the most widely used amongst bodybuilders. So in this review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about using ecdysterone alongside related sapogenins.

We will talk about the evidence that these produce anabolic effects in the body. We will cover how to use them, how to dose them, alongside cycling and stacking them.Plus, I’ll tell you what the best ecdysterone supplement is, and give you my top three. These are the supplements I use and I’ll explain how a stack them and cycle them so you can see how it all fits together.

Ecdysterone Explained

Ecdysterone is a plant steroid. Structurally similar to testosterone, they work in plants to produce strong physical elements and do essential repair work. These steroidal sapogenins appear in all plants, including many we consume (such as spinach). But only in small quantities.

Although structurally similar to testosterone, it’s not clear if sapogenins like ecdysterone work in the body like them. I’ll discuss this more in a moment.

In humans, the sapogenins have had documented positive effects:

  • Antitumor
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anabolic
  • Protein synthesis
  • Anti-diabetes

However, the science is sketchy and incomplete and is ongoing. Especially around the area of anabolic and protein synthesis effects in muscle tissue.

Where Is The Evidence Sapogenins Produce Anabolic Effects?

Now you know what sapogenins are, let’s talk about those anabolic effects that people claim to get.

The evidence for this comes in three parts.

Firstly, there is a historical piece of evidence. This evidence comes from the Soviet Union. Back in the 70s and 80s, Russian athletes referred to a supplement known as the “Russian secret”.

Many years later, it was found that the Russian secret supplement was a highly concentrated plant sapogenin, probably concentrated ecdysterone.

The fact that it was developed, tested, and then used on athletes at the state level would suggest that there was some pretty strong evidence that they worked. Unfortunately, because it’s in Russian, and because most of it vanished after the end of the Soviet Union, we don’t really have much of it now yawn the anecdotal stories.

Secondly, we have some study evidence around how plant sapogenins mimic testosterone. Structurally they are similar to testosterone. The evidence suggests that they can produce anabolic effects, without being agonists of the androgen effectors. In effect, they fool the body into an anabolic response.

One key piece of evidence for this is a study that concluded that ecdysterone had a potential anabolic potency in excess of anabolic steroids, SARMs, and even concentrated IGF-1 compounds.

That study also concluded:

“Moreover in-silico docking experiment support the postulated non-androgenic mechanism of ecdysterone.”

Thirdly, some studies suggest that it’s not mimicking testosterone at all, and actually works by up-regulating the mechanisms that promote protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is what underpins the hormonal growth of muscle tissue.

For me, it could be that both mechanisms are at work in the body. Certainly, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that there is clear study evidence (although incomplete), and historical evidence, that these plants’ steroids do something positive to muscle tissue.

Realistic Ecdysterone Results Revealed

So if they work, how well do these plants’ steroids work?

I think you have to be realistic, just as you have to be realistic about SARMs. They won’t work well unless you get the best quality ones, do several cycles, workout progressively and hard, and back it all up with superb nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Based on my own experiences over three cycles to really test these out (I’ve used SARMs but really wanted a significant break), these are what I believe are the realistic results that most people can achieve:

  • You will pack on more muscle mass than you can achieve naturally. It’s not massively significant, but up to 10% more than you can achieve without supplementation.
  • Muscle tone is definitely drier and harder. There’s no wet muscle development here, it’s lean, dried, and rock-hard.
  • You’ll definitely get some of the key androgenic side benefits. You’ll feel stronger. You’ll have more endurance, and you recover more quickly.
  • I also notice an improvement in mood and outlook. This is also something good levels of androgens can produce.

Now I do want to say here that you have to work hard. This is small incremental growth above what you can achieve naturally. But only if you back it up with really hard work in the gym.

But for me, based on the evidence of the studies and my own research, alongside anecdotal evidence online, and my own experiences, then I think you have to take reviews discussing positive sapogenin results seriously.

Ecdysterone Results

The Top 3 Best Ecdysterone Supplement Products

Now we have covered the basics around sapogenins, and ecdysterone supplements specifically, let’s talk you through the best three supplements out there. I rate these the top three because of the combination of price, quality, and positive feedback online from people who’ve used them, alongside my own experiences.

1. beta-ecdysterone powder

This is basically the same high-quality ecdysterone as you’ll find in the Huge Supplements product.

However, it’s not neatly packed in capsules, and you’ll have to deal with measuring powder and mixing it in with liquid consume it (it doesn’t taste great). On the plus side though, you get an incredible 10 g of raw powder at 95% purity for just $79.99, a considerable saving on the capsule formats.

2. Huge supplements ecdysterone

Definitely an affordable premium product. You’ll get 60 capsules for $69. Each capsule doses 500 mg. You simply take two capsules per day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. That’s a total dose of 1000 mg per day. Huge Supplements offer a wide range of high-quality bodybuilding products, so you can stock up and stack those on top if you want.

For me, because of the dose, the quality of the sapogenin powder, and the affordability, this is the #1 everyday affordable supplement out there for the USA marketplace (and beyond).

3. Huge Supplements Sapogenix

This supplement contains six different sapogenins, including an ecdysterone variant. The total dose is 250 mg per capsule.

So what you’re getting is a wide range of sapogenins, giving you a great chance of hitting whatever it is in your body produces the results in multiple ways. Because it’s so potent, Sapogenix is not cheap. $100 for 60 capsules. So you might not want to run this all the time.

But you could stack it at the start of each cycle to give yourself an incredible initial anabolic boost.

Sapogenix supplement

Dosing Ecdysterone To Get The Best Results

Most supplements doses ecdysterone at 1000 mg per day, taken first thing in the morning. We don’t know what the Soviets were using, and doses on humans in studies vary wildly.

So you’re having to look at anecdotal evidence, and your own gut feeling to get the right dosage range. My advice is to start with 1000 mg per day in the morning. If after your first cycle of sapogenins you do not see results, then double it to 2000 mg, half in the morning, and then half in the evening.

Remember, if you’re stacking them, the total dosage will be higher, and I probably wouldn’t go above 2000 mg per day for both the reasons of not knowing the long-term effects and the cost.

Then in my experience, a potent cycle of 2000 mg per day alongside hard work definitely produces significant visual results.

Cycling & Stacking Sapogenin Supplements

There’s no real way to know at the right cycle length is for plants steroids. Some of the supplements recommend a cycle length of eight weeks, but that seems to be more about the fact that the bottles of pills they sell conveniently workout at a one-month supply, and they don’t want to be caught recommending a cycle length causes problems down the line.

For me, because they are so mild, there’s no problem with doing a 12-week cycle of ecdysterone, or any similar types of sapogenins. I didn’t suggest 12 weeks is fine if you are stacking multiple sapogenin products, or using sapogenins alongside other types of supplements.

Play it a little safe though. For your first 12 week cycle use 1000 mg. Then at the start of your second (after at least a six-week break) try 2000 mg per day. Compare and contrast, and modify your dose to try and get the best results at the best price.

Because there are no real problems with the supplements, you can stack them with everyday supplements like caffeine, or more specialist pre-workout supplements. Some people even use them to boost the effects of SARMs. Although they don’t work as agonists of the androgen receptors, I wouldn’t stack them on top of androgenic SARMs though.

Androgenic SARMs do cause a depletion of natural testosterone production, and you don’t want to exacerbate the situation by fooling the body any more than necessary.

How Safe Are Sapogenins Like Ecdysterone For Long-Term Use?

Russian athletes used sapogenins for decades and I’ve never seen any evidence that those athletes, still alive, are suffering any side effects. Some studies have been over months, and never noted any side effects beyond things like nausea.

But of course, you will want to be sensible. I recommend at least six week break between cycles, and every few cycles leave them for three months or longer, and use a different type of supplement. Overall, these seem well-tolerated, with minimal chance of side effects, and they definitely do seem to increase androgenic effects in the body.

Just remember that they are not androgenic. They do not fool the body into lowering its supply of testosterone. You will not need a PCT supplement using plants steroids.

Ecdysterone Review Conclusion & Next Steps

Let’s finish this review of ecdysterone and related sapogenins with my conclusion and suggestions for how you get started using them.

The conclusion from my own experience and research is that they definitely work. Sapogenins could potentially mimic testosterone but without the side effects. Or, it could be that they increase protein synthesis in the body which is crucial for muscle development and higher levels of androgen hormones.

But however they work, they do seem to have an effect on the human body. But you must not expect miracles.

So my next steps for you are to get your hands on at least one high-quality supplement. I personally rate the supplement as the best of the beta ecdysterone supplements out there, in terms of overall quality and value for money.

The initial cycle should probably be just using that, as you can see what effect it has.

But for your second cycle I would recommend you up the dose, and stack it with other sapogenins to maximize your chances of success, and get things working for you at maximum.

Don’t expect miracles though. These are not androgenic steroids. They are not even SARMs. You’ll want to work out hard, progressively, push yourself really hard to get the muscle tissue broken and repaired.

You will also need to have a superb diet. Because you are pushing yourself, you will really need to underpin it with energy.

I’d also suggest you look at maximizing returns by using good-quality supplements. Huge Supplements do a fantastic pre-workout one called Wrecked, and you can get natural testosterone boosting supplements to use alongside it as well. So go for is my advice. Get your hands on the supplements, work through a couple of cycles, monitor your progress, and see how you go.

In my experience, they definitely give you a 10% bonus over doing exactly the same thing naturally. Even more, if you can push yourself harder by supporting the use of sapogenins with high-quality pre-workout and post-workout supplements.Ecdysterone Review