How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Test & Best Synthetic Urine Reviewed

best synthetic urine kits

For some types of drug tests, synthetic urine is definitely the best thing to use. But there are several important things you need to know to get that success.

I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know to select the best synthetic urine, and then use that fake pee for drug test success. I’ll tell you how to use synthetic urine, step-by-step. I will cover top tips from my own experiences to give you some real-world advice.

Plus, I will talk you through the top four best fake urine kit products out there. What they contain, how good they are, and how the heat source that keeps the urine within the correct temperature range works.

I will also tell you about the bad. When not to use synthetic urine for drug test, and also which products out there are poor quality and shouldn’t be used (regardless of what the reviews say).

Let’s Explain Exactly What Synthetic Urine Is & What It Isn’t

Fake urine is literally that, synthetic urine that mimics real pee just enough so that you can pass a drug test.

It is not able to mimic urine in every way. Human urine contains dozens of different chemicals, and we cannot mimic that in an affordable way. But what fake urine does contain, or at least the good stuff, is enough to pass the basic validity checks and higher scrutiny that drug companies undertake.

Basically, it contains the most common things that are always found, as well as other characteristics of human urine in the hope of beating the system. The best fake urine kits can achieve that.

This Is When You Shouldn’t Use Fake Urine

There are three types of drug tests you could face, and fake urine is only suitable for one type:

  • Unsupervised test (unobserved)
  • Supervised test
  • Observed test

Now, I will just mention that supervised and observed testing can refer to the same thing, but in some situations, they are seen as different.

A supervised drug test is where someone is literally watching you urinate. This is usually only done for law enforcement purposes, or some other legally enforced purpose.

An observed test can mean that someone is just in the room with you. Not directly watching you, but in the proximity of where you are submitting your sample in order to put you off from any potential cheating. As I say, supervised and observed can mean the same thing, and you cannot assume that if someone calls it an observed test it means you could still use fake urine.

The best synthetic urine should only be used to unobserved drug testing. Thankfully, 90% of the drug test carried out in the USA are unobserved.

If it’s for a job, insurance, or any other everyday purpose, it will undoubtedly be observed.

The only other time it could be supervised in some way is if you have failed a test. If they find your sample was unusual, or spoiled, and you have to be retested, then it will be observed and this can be legally enforced (although you can obviously just refuse to submit a sample).

If it’s going to be observed/supervised then your only option is really a detox drink. You could try a urine belt, or even a fake/prosthetic penis device, but that’s one hell of a risk. The detox drink (something like Rescue Cleanse) is far safer.

synthetic urine for drug test

There Are Two Key Things About The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

The top-end synthetic urine products have two key characteristics that make them the best option.

  1. They must be complex enough and structured well enough to pass not only basic validity checks but also more intense scrutiny.
  2. They must contain a reliable heat source so that you can submit the sample within the correct temperature range for human urine (90°F – 100°F).

Dealing with number one above, a sample will go through basic validity checks before it’s tested for the presence of drug metabolites. So the sample has to be the right structure and not contain things looked for in validity tests.

Also, if it fails them, it has to contain enough of the main ingredients and structure of urine to pass the more advanced scrutiny that could then happen.

The second point, a reliable heat source, can either be a heatpad or heat activator powder.

Human urine exits the body at between 98°F and 100°F (unless you have a fever and wouldn’t be able to take a drug test). They have to test it within two minutes of the sample being completed, which is why legally, they have to accept any sample at 90°F and above, as that lower temperature range allows for two minutes cooling.

So whichever urine kit you buy, it has to contain a heat source that allows you to take control of the temperature enough to submit it within the correct temperature range.

What Are Validity Checks And Will The Best Synthetic Urine Beat Them?

 Let’s now talk about the specimen validity checks I mentioned in the last section.

Once your sample has been checked for its temperature, they will then do a validity test using a special dipstick that has (usually) five panels on it. These panels will react if they detect problems with the sample.

The five panels will detect:

  • Creatinine levels
  • Nitrate levels
  • Specific gravit
  • pH range
  • PCC presence

This test looks to see if the urine passes the basic checks for human urine structure (good levels of creatinine, right specific gravity, right pH).

It will also look for high levels of nitrates and the presence of PCC, both of which are pointers that an oxidizing adulterant has been used to make the drug metabolites undetectable on an immunoassay, or even mass spectrometry – gas chromatography analysis.

Note that the initial validity check doesn’t look for urea, uric acid, or anything else, it’s looking specifically for adulterants and that the basic structure is correct. Quest and LabCorp definitely conduct these tests.

So to pass basic scrutiny, the best synthetic urine just has to be able to pass the dipstick test, and a visual scrutiny.

However, some more experienced lab technicians admit that they do a “sniff test”. If it doesn’t smell like urine, they become suspicious and will flag it for an increased level of scrutiny, where its structure will be looked at in more detail.

If it passes all that, it will go for an immunoassay analysis to detect drug metabolites.

A sample will only go for a full mass spectrometry – gas chromatography analysis if there is real suspicion about the sample, or it fails immunoassay analysis. That’s quite rare, and no fake urine on the market is going to stand up to that scrutiny.

Often Overlooked: Temperature Is Crucial

This is the crucial bit, and when I went for a drug test it’s the main bit of advice that I took on board. Even the most basic formula can pass a drug test as long as its structure will get around those basic validity tests.

But if it’s submitted outside of that 10° temperature variation I mentioned earlier, then it doesn’t stand a chance.

The best fake urine either supplies a very high-quality heatpad that can kick out a steady temperature within that range, or even better, heat activator powder that uses agitation and chemical reaction to raise the temperature.

A lot of people claim that fake urine fails them and assume it’s the quality of the product. In many instances, they have simply not checked the temperature when they have poured the sample into the specimen cup, something they had full control of.

heat activator powder

Isn’t It Easier, Safer, And Cheaper, To Just Use Someone Else’s Urine?

You would certainly think it would be easier to just use a friend’s urine. Free, real, and certain to pass. But that’s not actually the case. It’s a bigger risk than just using high-quality synthetic urine.

You have for problems to consider:

  • Are they actually clean themselves?
  • You still have to smuggle the sample in
  • How do you stop it from spoiling?
  • You still have to keep it within the correct temperature range

As you won’t have a specialist heat pad or heat activator powder, you’ll have to obtain them anyway. How’d you do that?

How do you know they are clean? That they haven’t forgotten, or they have misjudged what they have taken and when.

Urine spoils within just a few hours at room temperature, it starts to go cloudy and stringy. How do you stop that from happening?

None of the above gets around the problem that you have to smuggle it in. So if you are going through all that trouble, isn’t it just better to invest some money on something that stands a better chance of being submitted within the correct temperature range, and that definitely does not contain something illegal?

Here’s Why Most Fake Urine Kits Will Fail

Apart from the lack of complexity, and structure that really mimics urine, there is another powerful reason why most fake urine products will fail scrutiny. About four years ago a lot of fake urine products that had previously passed drug tests started to fail them.

Not all of them, and the four brands I’m going to talk to you about later still pass, but most of them suddenly went from having positive reviews to having lots of reviews saying they got caught.

So what happened? A lot of us did an analysis of the brands, and there was a trend. It started to dawn on people that there was something common to all of these products, a footprint that was being detected.

It was narrowed down to the fact that they all use biocide preservatives, while the brands that were not reporting a failure rate is high, didn’t seem to contain them (which was confirmed by test clear who make two of the best products).

So it seems that at least the big testing labs now also check for the footprint of biocide preservatives, which immediately tells them that it’s an artificial sample. Don’t be fooled by old reviews online. A lot of the products will say they have a high rate of positive reviews, but they will be old. The more modern reviews, if you look in detail, suggest a high failure rate.

This is down to mismanagement of the sample by the individual, but also because of poor quality heatpad, lack of complexity and structure, and the biocide footprint.

How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Test Success (General Instructions & Tips)

Let’s now talk you through the basic process to submit a fake sample and pass.

I’ve done this twice now. Both times using one of the best fake urine brands out there, Sub Solution. Honestly, as long as you are careful because it’s unsupervised, it’s easy. Just don’t panic, and do your checks beforehand and you will be fine.

  1. Whatever good quality fake urine you use, prepare the sample in advance. This can mean preheating, or it can mean just taking the sample to the venue where you will then use heat activator powder to warm it up.
  2. Before you leave, you’ll want to put on two pairs of underwear. You can then tuck the sample in between them. That will keep it nice and secure, and ensure it doesn’t slip.
  3. Wear jogging bottoms. Don’t look ridiculous though, just normal ones with trainers and a casual top. Look natural and not obvious. You will not be directly searched. They can take bags and hats off you, coats, stuff like that. They can pat you down. But they cannot touch you intimately, which is why you tuck the bottle discreetly in your crotch.
  4. On arrival, you will check in. In some places this is automated, or you will check in with the receptionist. You will then go through a questionnaire with the person is going to conduct the test. Basic stuff about who you are, checking identity, finding out about any medicines you have prescriptions for, and what you have eaten over the past few days (some foods can produce false positives).
  5. You’ll then be shown into the room you will submit your sample. It can be a room, a cubicle, or a completely separate room off the main sample area.
  6. You’ll be given a cup to submit your sample in. It will have a temperature strip on the side. You will then go behind a screen, piss, and then hand it over.
  7. Immediately, they will check the temperature. They have to do this within two minutes so you will be able to observe this happening.
  8. That’s it, you simply leave and await your results. They will come within 48 hours, often sooner if there isn’t a problem. The person who is commissioning the test will get the results first, not you. Sometimes only they will get them, and sometimes you both will.
  9. If it’s longer than 48 hours then you are in trouble. It means that it’s undergoing a full mass spectrometry – gas chromatography analysis.

For a very detailed guide on using synthetic urine, check out village voice.

WARNING: Do Not Use These Fake Urine Kits

Before I tell you about the top four best fake urine kits out there, let’s talk about the worst synthetic urine that you shouldn’t go near. All of these brands have had previous good reviews. Many of them fake, and many from years ago when drug testing was basic and they could pass.

All of these brands contain biocide and don’t have the structure to pass the basic tests that are done now.

If you use these brands then you will fail, it is that simple. They are cheap, and there is a reason for that. I’ve known people who have used these and failed even recently. I really don’t get why they do, when there’s so much information out there, and when I’ve mentioned to them the brands that work!

These are the brands of fake urine that you need to avoid:

  • Magnum
  • Ultra Pure
  • Agent X
  • Bulletproof X2 synthetic urine
  • Dr green synthetic urine
  • U Pass Synthetic Urine
  • Xstream

None of them have the complexity, balance, or even the look, to pass an enhanced modern test. Even a basic pre-employment drug test, a basic five-panel test, they will fail.

Let’s look at Magnum synthetic urine as an example of a poor quality product.

Actually sold as an “fetish urine”, it’s obvious they are targeting the drug testing market because of what happened a few years back. Because it didn’t contain uric acid, people weren’t buying it. They were saying it needed to contain to pass a drug test (that’s not actually true because basic validity checks don’t look for urea or uric acid).

So Magnum simply put a vial of uric acid in the box. They didn’t reformulate it or rebalance it, they just told you to tip the uric acid vial into the main container.

I hope you can see how ludicrous and stopgap that is a solution. Rather than investing any time, effort, or money in reformulating the product and making it more suitable and easier to use, they just dumped a vial of uric acid in there, which is ridiculous.

Also, these products are cheap. So they contain really basic heat pads. They are simply not good enough to sustain such a limited temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F) for multiple hours.

I tested this myself, and you can as well for just $30 to buy one.

Activate the heatpad, let it warm up, and then put a thermometer on it. Then monitor it over two hours. I’m telling you, the temperature will fluctuate ridiculously.

So for every reason possible, from complexity, through to heat pads, and even the basics of how they look, froth, and smell, these brands simply don’t work well enough to pass modern drug testing.

synthetic urine kit

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top Four Best Fake Urine Kit Products

Having told you about the bad and downright ugly fake urine kits, let’s talk you through the good ones now.

These are the best fake urine products you can use. None of them contain biocide, the heat pad and heat activator powder offer good control over the temperature, and they have the balances and basics in place to pass that validity check and scrutiny.

1. Quick Luck – Still The Best Synthetic Urine Kit In 2022

The best synthetic urine out there now is Quick Luck. I’ve used Sub Solution twice, but I would switch to Quick Luck for my next drug test.

Quick Luck is the upgrade of Sub Solution. Sub Solution is a powder, whereas Quick Luck is premixed liquid. Along with heat activator powder, that also makes this brand is ideal for on-the-spot drug testing. Quick Luck is also slightly more complex in formula than Sub Solution. So it will withstand higher levels of scrutiny.

It contains heat activator powder, which is brilliant and I will talk you through that in a moment. But in addition, it also includes a high-quality heat pad in case you want to preheat it and keep it warm.

Quick Luck has the following traits:

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine
  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Has a total of 14 of the most common chemicals found in urine

Let’s talk you through the instructions for using Quick Luck, so you can see how simple it is:

  1. You don’t need to use a heatpad at all. The heat activator powder does it all. But, should you want to, the first step is to activate the heatpad so it pre-warms for a few minutes.
  2. If you are using the heatpad, you’ll want to microwave the pre-mixed urine. Do it in 15-second blasts; shaking it and observing it for about one minute between them. When you see the temperature strip react and show a temperature between 90 and 100°F, then you know it’s ready.
  3. Strap the heatpad to the sample, then conceal it on your person as I explained earlier.
  4. Before you go into the test center, check the temperature strip. If it’s not really close to 100°F, tap in about one-quarter of the heat activator powder. Shake it gently until it dissolves, and watch the temperature rise for about one minute.
  5. The alternative step to all of the above is to simply take the vial to the test center along with the heat activator powder. Before you go in, tap in about one-third, then shake it gently until it dissolves. The temperature should rise until you get a reading on the strip. If not, tap in a little more until it does get a reading.

Quick Luck is the ultimate in convenience. It’s high-quality and unbeatable in the formula. You get the heat activator powder and the reassuring backup method of the heatpad.

Quick Luck costs $100, so it’s not cheap. But it’s the premium fake pee for a drug test out there and you really shouldn’t be looking beyond it if you can afford it.

2. Clear Choice Sub Solution

Sub Solution is fantastic synthetic urine. As I’ve said, I would probably buy Quick Luck now, but Sub Solution is the best alternative and good enough to pass pretty much any level of drug test.

It’s almost identical to Quick Luck. The only difference is that it’s not premixed, it comes as a powder. That does add an extra step to preparation. It’s slightly cheaper at $85 because of this.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same formula. Both Sub Solution and Quick Luck are annually updated in response to feedback on drug testing success and failure, and publish developments by the drug testing companies.

Let me talk you through how to use Sub Solution successfully to pass a drug test now, as you can see how similar it is to Quick Luck, and how easy it is even with the additional step:

  1. You’ll need to fill the container containing the powdered urine up to the fill line on the bottle. Do not use tap water, boiled water, or mineral water. These contain things or lack things, that occur in urine. You need to use filtered tap water for the best chance of passing.
  2. Gently shake the sample. That’s it, that’s all there is to it. You don’t get a heatpad, so we don’t have to mess around with a sample any longer. Simply tuck it into your intimate region where it won’t get found, and head off to the test center.
  3. Before you go in, you check the temperature strip. There probably will be a reading, as it’s been close to your body for some time, and if you are in a warm environment, then it could actually be warm enough. Whatever the situation, you’ll want to add heat activator powder to get it to as close to 100°F as possible, but not above. That will buy you about 15 minutes or so where it is within the correct temperature range.

That’s it. Even with the powder, it’s very easy to use. As long as you’ve got a water filter jug in your home, then you can do this with no problem.

Let me reiterate, unsupervised drug testing means you won’t get searched. Hell, for my last test I was even in a different room. I got the bottle out, checked the temperature, and it was fine. I poured it into the sample container, checked that it was registering a temperature within the correct range on that, and then I walked out and handed it over.

Whether you buy Quick Luck or Sub Solution, make sure you buy the practice kit with it. They even do a bundle deal on the Test Clear website.

This contains the heat activator powder, but no urine. It allows you to test with water, so you can see how the heat activator powder works. You can do a few test runs, to make sure you get it right on the day for a low outlay.

fake pee for drug test

3. Quick Fix

Quick Fix is the only budget brand I know capable of passing a drug test. Quick Fix isn’t that complex in the formula, but it does have the following characteristics:

  • Looks like urine (doesn’t smell or froth like it)
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Is balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Comes with a good quality heatpad

So for basic drug tests, your standard pre-employment test that is five panels and doesn’t cost a lot, where scrutiny will be low, it’s plenty good enough.

The heatpad is good quality and does kick out heat within the right temperature range. It lasts for a couple of hours, which should be long enough.

Quick Fix has a long track record. Plenty of people I know have used it to pass a drug test. So it is capable as long as it doesn’t come under any additional scrutiny.

I’ll finish this synthetic urine review by telling you that there are two types. Quick Fix, and Quick Fix plus.

Basic Quick Fix is $30, while plus is $40. Don’t get fooled by the name. There is nothing additional about the plus product. It is simply a larger 3 fluid ounces size (rather than 2 fluid ounces); you’re literally just paying more of the same urine.

4. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

Finally, in my list of synthetic urine reviews, I want to give you the best middle ground for fake urine products. Quick Luck is the best, followed by Sub Solution. If you are short of money, then for $30 you can get Quick Fix.

But for $50, you can get Test Clear powdered urine. It claims to be actual freeze dried in human urine, but I can’t confirm if that’s the case or not.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Good quality heatpad
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Looks and froths like urine
  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity

It has a heatpad, and usage instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Activate the heatpad a few minutes in advance so it’s kicking out heat and won’t allow the sample to cool once it’s strapped to it.
  2. Mix the powdered urine with filtered water to the fill level to create your ready-to-go urine.
  3. Microwave it for 15 seconds at a time until you get a reading on the temperature strip and then attach the heatpad to it to keep it within a steady temperature range.

That’s it, it’s a great middle-ground option that has all the characteristics to pass validity checks and scrutiny that could happen during a standard unobserved drug test.