Element SARMs Review: Legit Or Shady As Hell?

element sarms

Element SARMs aren’t one of the big players in the SARMs marketplace. However, the name does come up in discussion sometimes, so I thought I would look into them and do a review for you.

Using my knowledge and experience, I weighed them up on the key points I use to determine buying from a SARMs seller. The marketplace is shrinking right now, which means more people are chasing less SARMs supply. It means unscrupulous sellers can profit even more, which is why these reviews are important.

This Element SARMs review is all about the reality of the company, telling you how legit they are, and comparing them to the alternatives.

Who Exactly Are Element SARMs?

I’ll be honest, after some digging, I can tell you that I know precisely nothing about element SARMs. I don’t know who the hell these people are.

The website was first registered in 2014. A website first appeared in 2015 according to the Wayback Machine site. There was no information about who owned it then either, but there was a phone number. But that doesn’t bring up a single search result in Google.

The website now has an address though. But it’s in Nevis, in the West Indies. That’s actually not their address either, not even a genuine registered company address. It’s the generic address of the company formations company.

Where Are They Based & Where Do They Ship From?

In terms of shipping, it suggests on the website FAQs that they ship from four different locations within the USA.

But those locations are just states. There are no addresses, towns, or cities, no detail at all. On some marketing, they state that they are based in Charlestown. But they don’t say where. There is a Charlestown in Boston.

It’s deliberately misleading though, to make you think they are in America. They are really in Charlestown on the island of Nevis in the West Indies, or at least the company formations company are.

Overall, we don’t know who these people are at all. Not a single name, no American registered company, no real address or phone number, no social media presence. This is literally just a front website for some completely anonymous person selling SARMs and they could be literally anywhere in the world.

Are There Any Red Flags Or Warning Signs About Element SARMs?

I think it will be safer to ask if there are any positive signs about element SARMs!

Overall, these are the red flags this company throws up for me:

  • The SARMs they sell don’t have purity reports
  • They are incredibly expensive (nearly $100 for a 30 ml dropper bottle)
  • It’s impossible to tell who owns the company
  • We don’t know where they ship from
  • There’s no guarantee you would ever get your money back
  • They don’t have a social media presence
  • Even on sites like Reddit very little is known

I’ll also mention the reviews on the company website. They suspiciously stopped in early 2021 for 6 months. Then, there was a sudden rush of reviews being published for a few months. Then, in September 2021 they stopped being published again and only reappeared in May 2022.

This is obviously suspicious behavior. Either they aren’t keeping on top of publishing submitted reviews, or they are just adding fake reviews every few months.

The Element SARMs Product Range

In terms of SARMs, I really wouldn’t bother. At this moment in time, they only sell four types and they are all around $100 for a 30 mL dropper bottle with a moderate dose. They sell peptides and other types of research liquid, but if I’m honest I’ve not heard of most of them (and I’ve researched and used a lot over the years), which makes me even more suspicious.

Overall, the Element SARMs product range for actual SARMs is almost non-existent and pointless.

element sarms review

Element SARMs: What’s The Quality Like?

 They claim purity of 99% or higher. But unless you got that independently tested, how would you prove it? There are zero purity reports published on the company website. Not one single example.

Online, I’ve seen a couple of user reviews for element SARMs, and that they have been pretty mixed.

Is Element SARMs Legit?

I think you probably already know the answer to the question around is element SARMs legit. The answer for me is no. The SARMs might work, but they are not guaranteed purity at all.

The whole company is evasive and shady, and there are just no guarantees about where you are getting the SARMs from, whether they will work, or if you would ever get your money back.

Here’s The Alternative SARMs Supplier You Should Be Using

Look, don’t waste your time and money on Element SARMs. If you actually get them delivered, what the chances of the SARMs being high-quality when they try so hard to hide who they are?

Chemyo is the company I buy my liquid and powder SARMs from.

They have been around for several years now, and have a great rep online. These are the reasons why I buy from them:

  • Good range of SARMs
  • High purity is guaranteed through independent lab test reports
  • Powdered SARMs and mixer liquids are available
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Fast domestic shipping
  • Free shipping over $100 in the USA
  • Secure credit card ordering

As well as all that, the SARMs really work. I’ve used numerous stacks for bulking and cutting from these guys, and have had excellent results. Very few sides, and nothing unexpected.

Overall, I can’t say that element SARMs are legit, and I wouldn’t advise you to waste your time on something that can’t be verified.

Chemyo really are the real deal, and a quick Google search, or read of SARMs talk on Reddit, will tell you that there are thousands of people using the SARMs they sell every day.

They sell 50 mL dropper bottles rather than 30 as well. The total dose is higher than the price comparison. Therefore, you are getting more SARMs for your money and you are from most of the companies selling 30 mL dropper bottles.

Let’s just finish up here within comparison to hammer home the point I’m making about quality and trust.

From element SARMs, a 30 mL dropper bottle of Cardarine, dosed at 20 mg/mL currently costs $94.99 for a total dose of 600 mg.

From Chemyo, a 50 mL dropper bottle dosed at 10 mg/mL currently costs $54.99, for a total dose of 500 mg. As you can see, it’s incomparable. With Chemyo, for just $10 more than you would pay at Element SARMs you could buy two bottles and get 400 mg more Cardarine of verified purity.

chemyo sarms