Complete Guide: How To Take Liquid SARMs – Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to getting started with SARMs, it can be confusing. But thankfully, with five minutes of instruction, everything can be sorted. In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you how to take liquid SARMs quickly and effectively.

There are some compelling reasons for taking liquid SARMs over the other formats out there, but it can be tough to understand exactly what those reasons are. So when it comes to learning how do you take SARMs, you just need an accurate guide to get you started quickly.

Everything you need to know is right here. I will cover the formats of SARMs, my experiences, and how to take liquid SARMs so that they get to work quickly.

SARMs Come In Several Different Forms Each With Pros & Cons

People talk about SARMs as if they are a tightly knit group of well-designed chemicals all put in place so that you can cut fat and build muscle. This could not be further from the truth. SARMs are a widely diverse set of research chemicals that were never intended for the purposes we use them for.

Although they were all designed to benefit humans, no research chemical classed within the SARMs category has ever been licensed for any purpose on humans.

So when we talk about SARMs capsules and liquid, and the results you can get, it’s all just based on real-world experiences by people buying them for off-label purposes.

There are several key problems with SARMs:

  • There are widely different types of potency
  • There are several different mechanisms of action
  • People get confused between androgenic SARMs and the other chemicals classed as SARMs
  • There are newer types of SARMs with similar numbers

Let’s quickly tackle each of those in turn.

There’s a wide range of potency with SARMs. One company could sell you Cardarine dosed at 5 mg/mL, and another company could sell you it dosed at 10 mg/mL.

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Purity also feeds into that. 5 mg of Cardarine from one seller isn’t the same as 5 mg from another potentially. You have to look at the purity reports to understand what you are buying.

The second point is that not all SARMs are SARMs at all. Not all work on the androgen receptors.

Cardarine, Stenabolic, YK-11, are three examples of research chemicals classed as SARMs, but which have different methods of action in the body. There are also newer types of SARMs it can be confusing. People aren’t sure how to take them, or what the effects will be.

Mostly though, they are just slight changes in the chemical structure to get around bands. For example, SR-9009 Stenabolic also has a slightly new formula with the alphanumeric SR-9011. It’s the same stuff, but you wouldn’t think it from looking at the labels.

Once you understand exactly how SARMs work, what the different methods of action are, and how to create stacks, you’ll then be in a great position to consider how to start consuming them, and when.

Why Liquid SARMs Are The Best Format For Me

I want to briefly run through why liquid SARMs are the best format for me. Let’s explain how SARMs are made. Mostly made in China (until recently when China banned the manufacture and export of SARMs, even though it still happens), they are made as a powder.

So it doesn’t matter what format you are buying, it starts life in a Chinese lab as SARMs powder. When it reaches the USA it’s either sold as a loose powder, or its format is changed for easy consumption.

The powder can be added to a suspension liquid to be taken sublingually, and liquid SARMs is what we are talking about in this guide.

But the raw powder can also be put into capsules. This is a time-consuming process, which is why SARMs capsules are more expensive.

These are the reasons why I favor liquid SARMs over the other formats:

1. Although the raw powder is by far the cheapest way of consuming SARMs, it’s the most difficult to deal with. You have to weigh it, and you have to consume it. It doesn’t taste great, and taking the powder isn’t the best way of getting the full dose into your body.

2. Mixing your own suspended liquid SARMs from the raw powder is time-consuming. You will also need special suspension liquids which add to the cost.

3. I love SARMs capsules. You get the exact dose, it hits you straight away, and there’s no mess or bad taste. But they are more expensive to buy. Sometimes, twice as much as liquid, three or four times as expensive as the equivalent amount of loose powder.

4. Sublingually administered SARMs are the quickest way of getting the dose into your bloodstream and interaction. Sublingual dropper bottle liquid SARMs are how this is achieved.

Can You Take Different Formats Of SARMs Simultaneously?

As you now know, all the different formats of SARMs start life as the same thing: raw SARMs powder. So it doesn’t matter what happens to that powder after it’s been made, the formats are relevant.

You can take RAD-140 liquid at the same time as you take Cardarine powder and Andarine capsules. Although the liquid will take effect quickest, and the capsule slowest, within about 90 minutes it all evens out.

So there’s no problem with taking the different formats of SARMs simultaneously.

All I will say though is that when you take the powder, that is the format that will give you the lowest working dose because of wastage and processing in the body.

The sublingual liquid will get to work quickest and into your bloodstream with the highest dose. Capsules will do the same as liquid, but it will take longer to get absorbed in the stomach.

Can You Take Your Entire SARMs Stack In One Go?

There’s actually no reason why you can’t take an entire stack of SARMs in one go. They can upset your stomach in large quantities, so I always have a piece of toast or something first thing in the morning.

Then I will take the entire dose of SARMs in one go. If I’ve got a three SARMs stack, I will just drop first under my tongue, then the second, then the third.

I’ll then go through the process of letting them all get absorbed, and then I will swallow the doses together.

So there’s actually no reason why you can’t take an entire SARMs stack in one go, and it doesn’t matter what format of SARMs you are using.

How To Take RAD-140 Liquid (Same Instructions For All Sublingual SARMs)

Let’s now look at exactly how to take liquid SARMs. For this example, I’m going to tell you how to take RAD-140 liquid.

  1. Dosing can be confusing with liquid. All you have to know is that that little dropper bottle is dosed at a certain number of milligrams per milliliter. When you squeeze the little rubber nipple, it will fill up the pipette in the bottle. Make sure that that little tube is full, and that will be 1 mL, or whatever number of milliliters is shown on the side of the tube.
  2. Once you have filled the pipette with the right amount for the dose you are taking, it’s a simple process to administer it. Simply lift your tongue, drip the liquid SARMs under your tongue, then place your tongue back onto the bottom of your mouth.
  3. You’ll then wait one minute. Don’t swallow. What’s happening is that it’s being absorbed under the tongue. It won’t absorb it all, but it’s a good way of getting a significant amount of the dose straight into your bloodstream without it having to go through your stomach.
  4. The last step of the process is to make sure that everything gets into your stomach to ensure maximum absorption of the dose. Just swallow the rest of the dose, then flush out your mouth with water and swallow that as well.

how to take liquid sarms

Are There Any Downsides To Liquid SARMs?

As you can see, it’s really simple to take liquid SARMs as long as you can get to grips with dosing them correctly using the sublingual dropper bottle.

So one of the downsides to liquid SARMs is understanding exactly what dose you are taking. For some SARMs an entire pipette is the dose, so that’s easy. But for some doses and dropper bottle sizes, it can be confusing.

The only other downside to taking liquid SARMs is that you have to do the sublingual method. That means dealing with the liquid and taking time for it to absorb. That means you can’t just do it in front of other people unless they know what you’re doing.

SARMs capsules don’t have this problem, and if you know you are going to have to do it in front of people and you don’t want them to know what they are, then capsules are a far better option the liquid SARMs.

If you are looking for the best blend of price, absorption, potency and dose, and ease of consumption, then liquid sublingual SARMs are the best way to go.