Dizziness & The Problems It Causes: Manifestation And Solutions

Everyone gets dizzy. Usually it’s because you’re tired, unwell, hungry, or there’s something environmental going on that unsettles you.

However, as I found over the past few years, sometimes it can be slightly more serious. Other times it can be a warning sign of something incredibly serious going on. But how exactly do you know?

What I’m going to do here is just talked you through how it can manifest itself in layman’s terms, and the solutions I found to cope with feeling dizzy.

I’ll be honest, originally, I used to feel dizzy when I got anxious. It was social anxiety, and I would get hot, flushed, and feel lightheaded. Sometimes I would start to spin out and really struggle.

Thankfully, as I got older that disappeared, and I put it down to a phase I was going through. A lack of confidence. Thankfully getting a good job, a stable life, working out, making the most of everything I had took that away.

Did You Know There Are Actually Several Types Of Dizziness?

There are lots of different types of dizziness, some more serious than others. You could simply feel a bit unsteady on your feet, lightheaded or faint. Mostly there’s nothing to worry about.

A lot of people suffer a drop in blood pressure when they stand up. Simply the act of standing up changes the blood pressure so much that they feel dizzy, losing vision and feeling wobbly.

Often, dizziness can be caused by things like a lack of iron, a lack of food, lack of water.

Another cause of dizziness’s infections. Significant ear infections can make people literally fall over.

I remember years ago being at work, walking down the corridor, and seeing a lady walking the other way suddenly veer off into the wall and slide down it. It turned out she hadn’t felt well and hadn’t realized she had an ear infection. It had affected her balance, and she literally just walked into the wall and knocked herself out. Scary stuff.

At the heart of a lot of these problems, apart from infection, is low blood pressure. Also, low levels of iron, known as anemia.

You could also be suffering from low blood sugar. This is hypoglycemia, and it could be linked to diabetes. If you are regularly feeling dizzy and you know that your diet is good, then you should always ask your doctor to do blood tests to check for diabetes.

What Should You Do When You Have A Dizzy Spell?

When you have a dizzy spell, it’s important that you are safe. That’s the most vital thing.

Under no circumstances should you persist with what you are doing, especially if you are standing up. Stop, and take a moment. Breathe slowly, and make sure that you are oxygenated.

Sit down if you aren’t, and lay down if you can. That way you’ll protect yourself from falling over.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, as this can be a key problem. A lot of people get dehydrated, which causes dizziness.

While sitting or lying down, make sure you breathe, and as well as drinking water, think about the last time you ate.

Also, never ignore persistent dizzy spells. If it’s happening once every few months or more, then you need to get yourself checked out.

Warning Signs To Tell You When You’re Dizziness Could Be More Serious

If it’s happening regularly then it’s a sign that they could be an underlying health condition. Take a look at whether you are dehydrated, shaking, any signs of hunger all the time, anything which could point to something changing.

Also be aware of change generally. Can you move and work in the same way, thinking the same way. Do your handshake, has anything changed?

Also, you should seek immediate medical attention if any of the following significant things happen:

  • A sudden severe headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Numbness or weakness in limbs
  • Sudden high-temperature
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • A blow to the head
  • Vomiting and nausea

Also, be aware that some medications can affect your blood pressure, and your balance. Tranquillizers, antidepressants, and several other key types of medication are famous for causing dizzy spells.

How Dizziness Affected Me & How I Overcame It

I first noticed I was having dizzy spells about three years ago. I’ve been working out hard, and I’d always had no problem. Even if I was really out of breath, or had really push things, I never felt dizzy or unwell.

However, that over a few months and I noticed if I really pushed myself at the gym I would have to sit down. I would feel unsteady, my vision would go, and I would feel really out of breath.

I started to think that I could have a heart problem, as this was different to anything I’ve experienced. I noticed I was really struggling to maintain the levels I had previously, even when using SARMs to push myself further.

But what I also noticed was that I could run for miles and not have any problem. It seemed to be about that exertion and a sudden punch of energy expenditure.

I would feel shaky, go pale, and feel weak. I went to the doctor, and he suspected hypoglycemia. I had blood tests done and also checked I wasn’t anemic (low levels of iron).

It turned out I was diabetic. It was getting more serious, which is why I was getting more frequent dizzy spells.

Thankfully, a couple of years on, I give myself a daily injection, and I’m very sensible with my diet. Because of my bodybuilding and general desire to be healthy, I now have an incredibly sensible and low sugar diet, with virtually no carbs.

I still use SARMs, and I still use bodybuilding supplements, but I use them moderately to make sure that I am always in control so that I don’t get dizzy. I do occasionally still suffer from the symptoms, but at nowhere near the levels I had before.

So please, if you do have dizzy spells, make sure you make your house is as safe as possible. Remove sharp corners, and things you could trip over.

Also, be aware of changes. If you’re starting to feel dizzy more frequently, drinking more water, craving sugary foods, unable to compete at the same level you did in sports or activities, then it could point to a developing under lying condition.