Wrecked Reviewed: Fantastic Entry Level Pre-Workout Supplement

Wrecked Pre-Workout Supplement

If you’re looking for an entry-level pre-workout supplement that’s stimulating and calming without being overwhelming, then Wrecked could be exactly what you’re looking for. And if you want to upgrade, they do an “extreme” version which takes it all to another level as well.

So what I’m going to do here is do a full Wrecked pre-workout review for you. I’m not going to drown you in science. I will go through the ingredients and explain exactly what they do, but I will make it quick and easy for you.

I’m going to talk you through the effects and benefits, as well as the side effects and potential problems with using this pre-workout supplement.

Plus, I’ll talk you through my own experiences using it, explain why it’s the pre-workout supplement I still use and tell you the best way to buy it.

Why I Love Huge Supplements Products

Huge Supplement came out of nowhere a couple of years ago, and have become fantastically dominant in the US supplement marketplace.

Going from zero to seven-figure sales within the first year, and apparently more than tripling that in year two, they’ve taken it by storm. That’s significant growth in what is already a crowded supplement market. Huge Supplements sell more than 25 different types of supporting products for bodybuilders and people looking for those extra levels.

This review is going to focus on Wrecked (and Wrecked Extreme). However, I also use Rebirth PCT, annihilate, and their two product sapogenins stack consisting of the Ecdysterone and Sapogenix pill supplements.

Rebirth PCT supplement

Wrecked Pre-Workout Ingredients

Let’s get right down to and talk about the ingredients in Wrecked. If the ingredients aren’t proven, or not in high enough doses, then it’s not going to do what it claims to.

I’m not going to get technical here, but I want to just quickly run through the main ones so that you can see exactly what’s in it.

Each ingredient dose listed is based on a 21 g scoop, which is what you use to create the wrecked pre-workout supplement drink.

Here are the 8 main wrecked pre-workout supplement ingredients:

1. L-Citrulline Malate

This is dosed at a massive 9 g out of the 21 g serving. However, it’s a 2:1 ratio, so you’re actually only getting 4.5 g of the essential malic acid. It boosts endurance and helps to elevate nitric oxide levels in muscle tissue.

2. Beta Alanine

Most of you will probably be familiar with this. It can improve your power output levels and overall help with your endurance. When you take it, it can give you a strange tingling sensation after about 30 minutes. It makes you feel energized. This supplement contains just over 3 g of beta-alanine.

3. Agmantine Sulfate

Dosed at 1.25 g per serving, this is a classic power pump ingredient. Again, it deals with nitric oxide, boosting levels of in the body generally, and along with the other ingredients, getting it to muscle tissue.

4. Caffeine

This is included in three different forms. The total dose is 350 mg. For most people, that’s more than enough, and for a lot of people, it could bring jittery anxiety. It might not be enough for you real buzz junkies though. One of the versions of caffeine is Di-Caffeine Malate, which is a slow-release version that can offset some of this jitteriness and prolong the smooth rush.

5. Inositol Hexanicotinate

Try saying that quickly, or even at all! 250 mg of this will raise levels of good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol, and help to increase blood flow. Commonly known as flush-free niacin, it’s usually found to have fewer side effects. Niacin is otherwise known as vitamin B3, and high doses of it can have fantastic benefits.

6. Lyons Mane Mushroom

Forget the stupid name, this is a potent cognitive enhancer. It lowers anxiety, improves focus and calmness, and also elevates levels of determination. You’ll get 600 mg in your 21 g serving, which is more than enough to give you a deep sense of direction.

7. S7

There are several other ingredients at low doses, but the last one I want to focus on this the patented blend from the company called S7. Dosed at 100 mg, it contains seven plant-based extracts. Together, they are all known boosting nitric oxide production levels.

wrecked pre workout supplement ingredients

Wrecked Pre-Workout Supplement Effects

Now you know what the Wrecked pre-workout ingredients are, let’s talk about what it achieves in your body.

Overall, you’re going to get the following from using it pre-workout:

  • Calm and focus
  • Sense of direction and perseverance
  • The dramatic increase in power output
  • Great endurance
  • Faster recovery between exercises
  • Ability to push yourself far harder
  • Faster recovery immediately post-workout

This isn’t going to give you an incredible boost. This isn’t hugely stimulant in nature, and you won’t get that “tunnel effect” that some people like. For me, that effect is too much. It makes me feel jittery, and a bit out of control. Some people with anxiety can feel really out of control with powerful stimulant pre-workout supplements.

If you’re a beginner, or you want that middle ground though, then Wrecked is a fantastic option. You’ll get a smooth sense of purpose in around 30 minutes. Accompanied by a rush of energy. As you workout, you’ll feel stronger, and be able to work out harder. All that nitric oxide management will help you to feel ready to go again more quickly as well.

If you’re ready to take the next step from natural bodybuilding, including using a bit of caffeine, then Wrecked is a perfect choice.

Pre workout supplement effects

How I Use Wrecked Pre-Workout & What I Use It With

My strategy is to take a Wrecked pre-workout supplement about 45 minutes before I hit the gym. That’s just enough time for it to start taking effect by the time I’ve completed my warmup. It delivers enough smooth energy for me to get through about 60 minutes successfully. I can power through in a way I simply cannot naturally, because the muscle fatigue is greatly lessened.

Also, it’s the focus I love. It’s gentle, but you definitely feel calmer, and feel as if you are working in one direction.

At the end of your workout, it helps you to recover quicker. That immediate fatigue just doesn’t happen when I’m using Wrecked.

I also use it with their plant steroid supplements. These have no side effects, but post-workout I take these as well because they enhance muscle recovery and growth, due to them fooling the body into thinking that you have more testosterone.

Wrecked Side Effects & Warnings

Although Wrecked is mild, the three sorts of caffeine stimulation in it can make you feel jittery and anxious, especially if you are predisposed to that.

However, for me, it’s not an issue because the dose isn’t high enough, and most people will be fine. It’s certainly not like some caffeine-fueled supplements.

Another small stimulant in it is the beautifully named Rauwolfia Vomitoria. Most people will be fine with it, and the doses are low. However, it’s a stimulant that some people don’t get on with. It can bring on headaches, higher blood pressure, and anxiety. So be careful the first time you try wrecked.

The other thing you need to know is that it contains a stimulant called hordenine. It’s only a small dose of 75 mg, but it’s banned by the world anti-doping agency. So this is a banned stimulant for professional sports. If that applies to you, you mustn’t use wrecked.

Is Wrecked Legit & Potent?

The wrecked pre-workout supplement is totally legit. In fact, I’ll go further than that and tell you that I consider it one of the highest quality and most accessible pre-workout supplements around.

It’s not massively potent. But that’s a good thing because most people don’t need an incredible stimulating hit. They just need some additional focus and energy, plus help with faster recovery, so they can make progress.

If you want a little more from it, increase the dose beyond the 21 g standard portion size. If you want, even more, I’m going to recommend Wrecked Extreme. It’s a different formula, and far more stimulating. It will be too stimulating for most people, but it’s the next step up the ladder.

But overall, for most people, the conclusion of my Wrecked pre-workout review is that it’s going to be a fantastic help with reaching your gym goals.

How To Buy Wrecked Pre-Workout Supplement

I hope this has been helpful, and let’s finish by telling you exactly where to buy Wrecked pre-workout supplement. Before I do that, let’s tell you where not to buy it. Don’t do the Wrecked pre-workout Amazon thing. Yes, Amazon is easy, but you’ll pay more because it’s third-party sellers.

On top of that, buying directly from Amazon can also mean you buy out of date product, or even worse a complete date product. Rare, but I’ve seen evidence it happens.

For me, especially if you live in the USA, then the obvious thing to do is to just bite directly from Hugh supplements. You’ll get guarantees and quality, delivery, price, and returns.

If you live outside the USA, and you can’t get good quality supplements where you live, then surface mail is a pretty affordable option as long as you don’t mind waiting a few weeks.

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