What Sort Of Andarine Results Are Typical From Your First Cycle?

SARM Andarine S4

In this review, I want to tell you what Andarine’s results are actually typical from a first cycle.

There’s too much bad information out there about SARMs, and I want to be more realistic with you about the true results you can achieve. I

f you’re new to SARMs, or perhaps you’ve only used small doses, or even maybe just Ostarine, then I’m hoping what I say here can really help you to progress.

Andarine produces some incredible results that can really finish off the hard work. Great for sculpting, great for cutting fat, great for vascularity, and delivering fantastic energy levels. It’s an “all-rounder”, that you have to treat with respect.

So let’s get started, and tell you everything you need to know to dose, cycle, and stack Andarine successfully.

This Isn’t Your Typical Andarine S-4 Review

I decided to try the cycle of Andarine on its own about a year ago. I finish a strong bulking cycle, and I thought was the perfect time to see if the claims about this SARM were true. Can Andarine really give you drive and hard muscle? Is that really what bodybuilders use before competitions because it gives them that incredible look?

There was only one way to find out, and I’m going to weave my own results into the rest of this guide where I tell you everything you need to know about using Andarine successfully.

About that Andarine Before And After Photos

For a start, though I want to give you a warning about those Andarine before and after photos that you will see online, on websites, and places like Reddit. Don’t believe them at all is my advice. You don’t know if those pictures are real, or what the context of them is.

It’s far better to get information for yourself, work out your best strategy for a progressive gym routine, backed up by a great diet, and then give Andarine a go for yourself.

So What Exactly Is Andarine & How Does It Work?

Andarine is a classic Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It’s one of the true SARMs, in that it selectively activates androgen receptors only in muscle and bone tissue.

Andarine has been shown in animal studies to be a partial agonist of the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. But it does not work as an agonist in other areas like the prostate and testicles. Therefore, it’s perfect for what we need.

Andarine was originally developed by the same company that created Ostarine. They are called GTx, and unfortunately, although they developed both to try and deal with things like osteoporosis and similar muscle wasting illnesses, neither has ever gone through human trials.

What we have with Andarine is the following effects:

  1. Andarine binds to androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue specifically. This tells the muscle and bone to grow more densely and strong, rather than larger. That’s why you get that hardness in the muscles, and why they are dried and without water retention.
  • Because of that androgenic effect, you will also get significant strength. That strength comes on within about a week of starting a cycle of Andarine, and it is very noticeable.
  • You will also notice increased vascularity and drive. The combination of feeling so good, and having so much more energy, backed up by the way that Andarine seems to just increase your vascular capacity, you can almost feel it surging through you, is incredible.
  • Andarine, like Ostarine, was designed to protect muscle mass in a calorie deficit. What it does, with stronger signals than Ostarine, is suppress something called HDL. This has the effect of telling the body to burn fat rather than glucose and to burn fat rather than muscle tissue even in a significant calorie deficit.

Put together, what you’ve got is Ostarine supercharged. Perfect for sculpting the gains you’ve already made.

What And Results Are Typical After A First Cycle?

Now I don’t want to sell things too hard to you here, because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

We talk about Andarine results, and what’s typical, it’s impossible to tell you exactly what results in you are going to experience.

There are several things that feed into the results you’ll get:

  • How hard you work out
  • How often do you workout
  • How progressive you are and how hard you push yourself
  • Your overall health and stamina
  • Age and fitness levels
  • Body fat levels
  • Muscle tone and bone density
  • How good your diet is

but let me just say that after my cycle I really reaped the rewards of the hard work I’ve done before.

Andarine is good for cutting. It’s good for energy. But what it is superb at is improving vascularity and increasing the dry tone of your muscles.

I would recommend you do a bulking stack first. Really push your muscle growth, and focus purely on that.

Then do a cycle of Andarine, possibly stacked, to burn significant fat, and tone up your gains significantly.

For me, it’s one of the SARMs I regularly come back to polish up the gains I’ve made over the previous 6-12 months. It’s no surprise that pro bodybuilders use Andarine in the run-up to show to build that dry look.

Andarine S4 results

Andarine Dosage & Cycle Length?

In terms of dosage, you have to be a little careful with Andarine. It’s not hugely androgenic, but at higher doses, you definitely will get testosterone suppression. Nolvadex should be fine because that testosterone suppression shouldn’t be too bad unless you’re using the highest dose I’d recommend, or beyond that.

Now I’ve seen people taking high doses of Andarine, with one guy I saw recently saying he took 100 mg per day for 10 weeks. He then went into a huge discussion about how his vision went badly wrong.

That’s the thing with Andarine. At doses above 50 mg, it makes you susceptible to temporary vision problems. Some people have a yellow tint to their vision, while others suffer a more serious problem with night vision blindness.

For me, I would make 50 mg your ceiling, and maybe even only at the start of a cycle, then taper down to 40 mg just to make sure you stay clear of those potential vision problems.

In terms of a cycle length, on its own, it’s fine to dose Andarine for up to 12 weeks. As long as you watch out for the size of testosterone drop, and you are below that 50 mg ceiling, you shouldn’t have any problems with a cycle at length. However, if you’re stacking Andarine, then you shouldn’t push it for 12 weeks.

What’s The Best Way To Stack It?

Andarine is undoubtedly best stacked when you are cutting. You don’t have to cut that much, because Andarine is very much about vascularity, strength, and muscle tone.

But it’s a brilliant way of doing an all-around maintenance stack that cuts a little fat as well.

This is how I would advise you stack Andarine:

  • 25 mg Andarine
  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 10 mg Stenabolic
  • PCT supplement required (Nolvadex)
  • 10 week SARMs cycle
  • Around an eight week break before the next cycle

The results of this Andarine stack will be quite significant if you really work hard and back it up with a fantastic diet.

The Cardarine and Stenabolic will raise your metabolism and drive significant levels of energy. That will allow you to work out harder and for longer, and recover faster.

So you will burn more energy, and cut more fat, backed up by Andarine cutting fat as well.

Plus, the dose of Andarine is enough to maintain your muscle mass and tone it significantly. It will be dry, lean, and hard.

All that together, you are going to burn fat, build your fitness and endurance, tone your muscles significantly, and raise your vascularity levels.

Andarine Vs Ostarine

As you’ve already learned, Andarine is made by the same company that synthesized Ostarine. Andarine is basically upgraded Ostarine. It has the same effects in the body, but at similar doses, far more potently. Ostarine is a fantastic beginner’s SARM. It’s also great for use if you just want to cut a little fat and maintain your muscle mass. All, you want to stack it in a mild cutting cycle.

However, Andarine just takes things up another level with fat loss, it still maintains your gains, and in addition, it dramatically hardens and sculpts them.

Natural Andarine Alternatives?

With something so potent and positive as Andarine for bodybuilding results, could there possibly be anything natural that is less invasive to the testosterone production that you could use instead?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is generally no. SARMs are pretty much the most potent thing you can use except steroids. Andarine is unique in its ability to build hard and dense lean muscle and shred fat faster than naturally.

However, there is one alternative that I can suggest. Although I don’t tend to use it as an alternative, I use it to supplement SARMs. It’s the range of natural bodybuilding supplements from a company called Brutal Force. Each one is constructed to mimic the output of a SARM. So, in the case of Andarine, they have created a supplement called ANDLEAN.

It contains natural ingredients only. So it’s completely safe and non-toxic, and you can use it alongside SARMs. You can even use them post cycle to continue the good work on a less potent level.

Costing just $60, it’s good value as a supplement that can support SARMs. On its own, it’s better than natural bodybuilding but not as potent as SARMs.

Where To Find Andarine S-4 For Sale

I want to finish this review by telling you where you can find Andarine S-4 for sale. That’s getting a little tough as a lot of online stores are closing down due to a shortage of stock. Although Someone will take up the slack eventually, we will see a period of around a year where SARMs become rarer and more expensive. 

The places which are still selling fantastic quality SARMs, backed up by independent lab testing with viewable purity reports are:

Chemyo have to be the best SARMs seller in the USA right now. Large bottles, good doses, high purity, and rapid delivery.

You really need to buy SARMs now. I cannot emphasize that enough.

The problem is that regulation is tightening. You’ve also got the Ukraine war, and a lot of eastern European labs will have now shut forever. Plus, Chinese SARMs labs have now also mostly shut down due to a ban on production there.

So when you find a reputable company offering high-quality SARMs, by as much as you can afford right now. In terms of Andarine, Chemyo offers a very high dose of 50 mg/mL in a 50 mL dropper bottle. Costing just $74.99, you wouldn’t want to go higher than 50 mg for the reasons I’ve already discussed in this review.

But overall, if you’re looking for liquid SARMs, then right now, Chemyo is one of the few places left that you can get the real deal from.

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buy andarine S4

Swiss Chems are another fantastic SARMs seller. They only sell capsules, not liquid and powder at like the two others I use. However, the capsules come down in price and a really good value. Right now, for $69.95 you can get 60 capsules, each dosing 25 mg. Use discount code Gyula10 for 10% off.