Sub Solution Review: The Best Synthetic Urine 2022

Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine

If you’re looking to pass a drug test then Sub Solution synthetic urine is definitely the easiest way to do it, as long as it’s an unsupervised test.

In this complete guide, not only will you get a full Sub Solution review, but in five minutes you’re learning everything you need to know about using synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

We will talk about what happens when you submit your sample, and what composition synthetic urine has to have to pass scrutiny. I will talk about the brands of fake urine that don’t work, and compare them to Sub Solution. You’ll get full instructions for using Clear Choice Sub Solution to pass a drug test, and some top tips from me.

Finally, I will compare Sub Solution to Quick Fix (the best budget brand), and talk about the situations where Sub Solution failed tests and clear choice’s bad reviews.

Here’s What Fake Urine Will Pass….. And What It Won’t Pass

When you submit a sample during a drug test, it goes through potentially four levels of scrutiny, but more usually only the first three:

  1. Within two minutes of doing the sample, they have to test the temperature. Legally it has to be between 90°F and 100°F to be a valid sample.
  2. After you have left the venue, they will do validity testing on it. This is usually a dipstick test on the sample. It’s tested against panels to check for adulteration. It checks for things like the presence of ammonia, and other things which show that it’s diluted or adulterated in some way.
  3. If it passes steps 1 and 2 then it goes through what is called an immunoassay analysis. Most of the time, that is simply another dipstick put against panels to see how they react. So a five panel test will be tested against five panels for the five substances looked for.
  4. Only if it fails one or more of the first three steps, or there’s some other suspicion around your sample, will it go for a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. This analyses the complete composition, looking at every single substance in it. Any fake urine will fail this level of scrutiny.

The Composition Of Synthetic Urine Is Vital

To pass all that potential scrutiny, although it’s important to realize that most samples just fly straight through, the best synthetic urine has to have a lot of positive characteristics:

  • Must contain your urea
  • Must contain uric acid
  • Must contain creatinine
  • Must be balanced for ph
  • Must be within the correct specific gravity range
  • Must look like urine
  • Should preferably contain other chemicals found in human urine

Not only does Clear Choice urine tick all of those boxes, containing 14 chemicals found in urine (twice as much as the main competitor brands), but it also looks, froths, and even smells like urine.

So Sub Solution will even pass what some lab technicians online have described as the “sniff test”. That’s where they will hold the sample up to the light, shake it to see how it froths, and even smell it to see if it has the smell of fresh urine.

Note though, that level of scrutiny is incredibly rare. When they are processing hundreds of samples per day, these people don’t really care that much. This is especially the case for pre-employment and another low-price drug testing. They are churned through a process as cheaply as possible.

how to use synthetic urine

Sub Solution Failed Test? Very Rare, And It Doesn’t Contain Biocide

Let’s talk about biocide first here. It’s a preservative that is common in many household things, as well as beauty products.

A few years back, some brands of fake urine started to fail far more frequently. It was reported across relevant social media and forums, and people started to get concerned that the big labs had found a way to spot fake samples.

However, some brands, including Sub Solution, continued to fly under the radar. It was worked out that the reason was that some brands didn’t contain biocide preservatives. So, it appears that the big labs can spot the footprint of biocide in the validity checks they do. That could be one reason why fake urine fails you. But, it’s not why Sub Solution would fail.

The main reason why fake samples fail is actually that they are submitted outside the temperature range that human urine exits the body at.

Legally, to allow for up to 2 minutes of cooling, any sample between 90°F and 100°F has to be accepted. But, as it can cool quite quickly, some people just don’t get it warm enough, and then submit a cold sample.

Sub Solution gets around that far more easily because it doesn’t use a heatpad. It uses heat activator powder, and that’s why I think it’s the best out there. I did some research. but didn’t find info about clear choice urine’s failure rate or bad reviews about it.

Let’s Talk About Clear Choice Synthetic Urine And Why Clear Choice Are The Best

Not only is Clear Choice synthetic urine the best, but the other products they sell are the ones I would recommend as well.

They have the best track record, the best knowledge, and the highest quality ingredients that genuinely work well.

This is the product range that Clear Choice has, and just look at the pedigree:

  • Sub Solution Synthetic Urine
  • Quick Luck Synthetic Urine
  • Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gun
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  • Quick Luck Fake Urine Dispensing Belt
  • Clear Choice Urine Spike Additive

Whatever type of drug test you are facing (obviously apart from a hair drug test), then Clear Choice products are the ones you should be using.

Sub Solution Review: Step by Step Instructions

You are up for a drug test and you know it’s going to be unsupervised (you’ll be behind a screen or in another room to pee into the cup).

You’ve got your box of Sub Solution, and it’s two hours before your test time. This is what you do to pass.

  1. Sub Solution doesn’t require heating in a microwave. Neither is there a heatpad to activate either.
  2. The first step you need to take is to use filtered water to turn the Sub Solution powder into the urine. Always use filtered water, not tap water as it has is in it which aren’t found in human urine. Pour in up to the fill line, and shake the bottle until it is dissolved and clear.
  3. All you have to worry about then is smuggling it in. Wear two pairs of underwear, and tuck the fake sample between both pairs. Make sure it’s snug and discreet. Then wear jogging bottoms so that there’s no evidence visible at all. Don’t worry, you won’t be intimately searched unless you are returning after a failed previous test (in which case it will also be observed and you can’t use fake urine).
  4. On arrival at the venue, just before you go in, check the temperature strip on the side of the bottle. As long as there’s no reading, tap in about one third of the heat activator powder. Shake it gently until it dissolves and then keep checking the temperature strip for about one minute. Keep doing this until you get the temperature reading that is close to 100°F, but doesn’t go over (otherwise there will not be reading on the strip again).
  5. Tuck the sample securely into your crotch area again and go in and submit your sample promptly. You’ll have about 15 minutes before it cools.

sub solution heat activator powder

Should You Trade Up From Sub Solution To Quick Luck?

Sub Solution is $85. Quick Luck is its newer and cooler cousin. It costs $100, so $15 is more expensive. But what do you get extra for your money?

Well, Quick Luck is premixed. So you don’t need to mix it with any water. That makes it perfect for short notice, on-the-spot drug testing at work, and things like that.

With Quick Luck, you also get a heatpad. You could warm the sample at home, use a heatpad, and then minimize the need for the heat activator powder. But why would you do that when it’s so easy to just use the heat activator?

Quick Luck is a slightly more advanced formula. But, any fake urine coming under advanced scrutiny is going to fail anyway, so what’s the difference in complexity really for? Overall, choose Quick Luck if you might face on-the-spot drug testing, but use Sub Solution and save yourself $15 for any other drug testing where you can prepare in advance.

Quick Luck might be the Bugatti of fake urine, but when Sub Solution is still a Lamborghini, then why trade up just to still drive to the local shops?

Does Sub Solution Work For All Types Of Tests (Quest, Concreta, LabCorp)

Some people ask about the Sub Solution Quest diagnostics problem. They claim that they can detect it. That’s a load of rubbish.

All of the drug test labs operate in the same way. They may have slightly different validity checks, but overwhelmingly they look for the same things. They do it because it’s cheap and it’s the most effective way of catching the fakest and poor samples.

Anything extra they do costs them money. Think about that, they don’t want to spend more money. All they are trying to do is weed out the majority of the rubbish.

There’s no evidence whatsoever that I have seen which suggests that Sub Solution can be detected by Quest, LabCorp or anyone else beyond spotting it in the same way as other fake samples through advanced analysis.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

The truth is that Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix is a bit of apples against oranges comparison.

Both are fake urine, but they are in a completely different class. As you’ve already read, Sub Solution is high pedigree. Complex, convincing, and difficult to spot. Teamed up with the heat activator powder, it’s your best chance of passing a drug test.

Quick Fix is at the other end of the spectrum. It only costs $30, and is budgeted in what it contains:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Balanced for ph
  • Balanced for specific gravity
  • Sort of looks like urine

A few years back I saw an interview with a person is that they were a lab technician on YouTube. They claimed they can spot Quick Fix by holding it up to the light. Caught right, it had a green hue to it that wasn’t natural.

Now, most of the time you’re not going to get that sort of scrutiny on the sample, especially not for a basic and cheap pre-employment drug test. But it does increase the chances with an experienced lab tech. But, for only $39 it’s a bargain. It doesn’t contain biocide preservatives, it’s got a reliable heatpad, and you can probably even grab it in your local smoke shop.

If you can’t afford Sub Solution, or you don’t care about the drug test that much, then for $30 you can cover yourself about 85%. The difference is that Sub Solution would cover you 99%.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

The Best Place To Buy Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Products

I hope you can now see why Sub Solution synthetic urine is the best choice for passing a drug test with a fake sample.

The best place to buy it is undoubtedly from the Clear Choice store at Test Negative. You’ll get the best deals, and access to all of the products they sell, and they do some unique combo deals that save you quite a bit of money.

Be aware that they don’t sell Clear Choice products anywhere else. If you see them on Amazon, anywhere else like that, they are fakes or somehow they got hold of old stock somewhere. They don’t sell anywhere else.

Overall then, as long as you get that temperature range right when you submit it, then Sub Solution is the most complex fake urine and you stand a better chance of passing a drug test using that any other brand out there.