How I Made The Changes That Transformed My Life

I want to quickly write today about my past and how I overcame right a few things that had gone wrong for me. On reflection they weren’t a serious I thought the time, but the combination of those things together made me think that my life was going totally the wrong direction.

However, I found that physical exercise and a great diet improve both my mental health and my physical health. By driving myself forward in that way, I felt better and healthier in a way I never had before, overcoming all the problems I’ve had.

I’m not saying this is inspirational, I’m just using my site here to pass on my experiences. If they help someone, well that’s brilliant, but if they don’t, at least I’ve tried my best to put information about my real-life experiences and overcoming them out there.

My History Of Bad Luck & How I Changed Things

 Several things happen quite quickly a few years back. At the time it felt like everything was snowballing down the mountain I couldn’t stop it.

First, I had a bad relationship breakup, and that knocked me back hard. But that wasn’t all that happened.

I had a car crash and got bad whiplash that caused a back injury. I only had sciatica, and so it exacerbated the problems I had.

Plus, I was diagnosed with diabetes. That took a while to work out, and it meant that I was struggling to perform during the day generally, and more significantly, at the gym when I was making really good progress with my bodybuilding.

I Also Had A Problem With Hearing Around That Time

On top of all that, my hearing was getting deficient as well. I had been born with a hearing defect and was told it would get worse as I got older.

For years it didn’t, but then all of a sudden in the space of a couple of years my hearing deteriorated by 50%.

So several things dramatically changed me mentally and physically over just two years, and it really knocked my confidence back.

I Felt Better Through Improving Both My Mental Health And My Physical Health

The thing I’m advocating you here, and I’m going to advocate you throughout this website of mine is that you must never give up.

Mental health is vital to your happiness in life. You can overcome a lot of problems with medication, but simply by taking physical exercise regularly, and having a superb diet.

It’s been scientifically proven that a good diet alone can increase your happiness significantly. If you then target the foods that really help with that, and take additional supplements, that can really drive you away from those depressive and anxious symptoms.

Plus, it’s also been shown scientifically that increased physical activity and higher performance levels are related with good levels of mental health, good cognition, and longer life.

So that’s what I set out to do. It was hard, but I tried to get back to my best. I didn’t hit the gym hard because of my back problem, but I made sure I went regularly and progressed over the weeks.

But more than that, I ate superbly. I transformed my diet because of my diabetes, but also to fuel my working out by cutting fat and upping my protein intake.

I backed all that up with good supplementation. Food supplements generally, and more specialized supplements.

I used natural bodybuilding supplements packed with completely safe natural ingredients which can increase your testosterone levels, increase key hormonal production (serotonin and dopamine amongst others), and gave me the fuel to push harder.

I also used SARMs. Selective androgen receptor modulators target muscle and bone tissue to mimic the effects of testosterone. Giving you more energy, determination, faster muscle growth, and making you feel positive.

However, some SARMs are not androgenic at all and can help with raising your energy levels and making you feel far more ready to face life.

Combined, I tackled the problems I had from all angles. Sure, I had to get a hearing aid in the end. I made sure I got one of those small inner rear ones. That cost about 3000, but it’s worth every cent to have heard back.

Progressive Gym Work And Hitting Goals Made Me Feel Incredible

If you’re feeling down, if you’re struggling with problems, then there are simple steps you can take to make yourself feel 100% better in a very short space of time.

As I’ve said, you must work out. If you’re really unfit, start with walking, and get faster. Then walk further distances. Then try intermittent jogging and walking. Work your way up to being able to jog consistently for a couple of miles.

That alone will make you feel far happier, and improve your cardiovascular health. On top of that, increased endurance levels and oxidization will make you feel fantastic.

Then hit the gym. If you can’t afford to go to the gym, then buy some cheap dumbbells online, and work out at home. There are literally thousands of home workout routines you can get on YouTube.

Finally, take a look at good supplementation. Do that on top of the good diet, not instead of one though.

I’ll be talking about specialized supplements in this site. Things that contain completely natural ingredients that can really boost your mental and physical performance levels.

Wrap all that together, and you can overcome an awful lot of what life throws at you.

Now, I’m not saying you can overcome everything, and sometimes clinical depression or anxiety can be so strong, or life problems could be so significant you cannot simply wash them away with exercise and a good diet.

But you can dramatically lessen the effects they have on your life. It’s been shown in many studies that being anxious and depressed, letting life get on top of you, can literally shorten your existence. It can build up free radicals in the body and brain and cause problems with your heart and other organs.

So whatever you do, don’t just sit there. Look into supplements, looking to exercise, looking for positive thinking, and make a start today.