Had An Incredible Kids Camp And Now Back To The Hard Work

It’s been a great few weeks. Lots of nice things have happened, and I had an incredible time a few weeks back at the kid’s camp.

I volunteered to help with seasonal kids camps a few years back. They take place in the holidays, and they teach kids basic survival skills, life skills, and get them socializing with their peers. A bit like the Scouts, but more informal.

The last camp happened the other week, and it took a lot of preparation as well. Now it’s over, I can get back to working out and hitting my own personal goals.

I thought I would share them here on my site because I want to make sure I take them seriously. I think I feel that if I publish them here then it will spur me on to achieve them, otherwise, the thought of people reading what I want to achieve, but then not achieving it, doesn’t feel particularly good to me.

My Goals For The Next Six Months

So now I’m back online with moving forward with my personal goals, this is what I want to achieve in the next few months:

  1. I want to get better at golf. My friends play and I’m awful. I’m thinking about taking some lessons so I can at least get the standard where I can hit the ball consistently and not spend my time wandering around the edges of the fairway and in the rough while my friends standing waiting on the green.
  2. I want to do more bodybuilding. I’m not talking about packing on huge amounts of muscle, but I want to get leaner and fitter. That will involve going to the gym three times per week, rather than my current two. It will also mean putting together a progressive routine, and extending my one-hour sessions to 90 minutes.
  3. I want to do a cycle of SARMs to cut fat and build strength. I’m not going to bulk up, but I want to strip fat and increase my endurance levels. I’m looking into what SARMs I could stack, but I’m thinking it will probably be Cardarine and Ostarine to produce the energy, protect my mass, and cut a little fat.
  4. Work has been really painful over the past few months. I think I need to seriously look at a change of career. I think over the next few months as well I need to look into what I could do, look any training I might need, and make some decisions on my future career moves.

My Latest Thoughts On Bodybuilding Supplements That I Intend To Use

In order to give me a boost in bodybuilding, I have been looking into supplementation.

I’m going to do a course on natural pills. Testosterone boosting and delivering energy and nutrition.

Plus, I am going to do a cycle of SARMs. I’m going to stack Ostarine with Cardarine.

The Ostarine is mild, but will help me to cut fat while protecting my muscle mass as I intend to do a few weeks a calorie deficit work.

The Cardarine will give me energy. That’s right used illegally by sportspeople because it’s known as “energy in a bottle”. It isn’t actually androgenic at all; it works in a different way to produce an increase in energy availability. I believe it’s done by accelerating the speed at which glucose is made available.

So anyway, I am going to cheat a little by using supplements. However, they are out there, they seem to be safe, and I’ve used them in the past successfully, so for me it’s a no-brainer when I need to really kickstart myself after a few months of not achieving much at all.

The Progress I Made Last Year Wasn’t As Great As I Hoped

Let me talk about the last few months and before. Obviously, we’ve been in a pandemic and that’s limited gym work and other activities as well.

However, being involved with the kid’s camp, work, relationships and children, and other things getting in the way including illness, have set me back far more than I thought.

I’ve averaged going to the gym only once or twice a week, rather than consistently going twice per week, and I haven’t really felt that I’ve made the progress I was hoping to. But hopefully, that will change in the next six months.

Hopefully My Body Won’t Get In The Way Of My Development This Year

Those are my goals over the next six months. Hopefully, by putting them out there it will encourage me to stick to them and reach my targets.

Going from a standing start is going to be tough, but I’m going to back up with cardio and hopefully make quick progress.

I’m really hoping that my body doesn’t get in the way though. Apart from a lack of general fitness at the minute, I do have some other ailments I’m dealing with.

Diabetes, which caused some minor neurological damage, a bad back caused by whiplash injuries, and sciatica, of all made it slightly more challenging to be at the peak of my physical performance levels.

But hopefully, if I’m gentle but consistent, I will be able to make rapid progress and be able to report back in six months to tell you how I got on. I know that a lot of people like to hear how SARMs and supplements have worked overtime so that they can judge if they are right for them, so I will update you in the future.

Anyway, that’s it for now, work early in the morning so time to wrap up here, hit publish, and then head off to bed.