Walgreens Drug Test Kits: Detox Pills&Drinks

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If you’re looking for a pass-a-drug test kit Walgreens can be one of the first places that spring to mind, alongside Walmart.

But how good are Walgreen’s drug test kit options, and what do they sell? In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know in five minutes. I’ll talk you through the detox pills and detox drinks that they sell often referred to as detox kits even though they are simply bottles of drink or packets of pills.

Then I will compare those options to the ones offered by high-quality, dedicated, drug test avoidance specialist retailers.

By doing all that, you’ll learn exactly what the good and the bad are around detox kits, and whether and go and grab one from Walgreens to pass a drug test.

The Different Ways You Can Pass A Drug Test

When it comes to passing a drug test, these are the ways that you can do it:

  • Be genuinely clean (accelerated with detox pills)
  • Mask the toxins with a detox drink
  • Use synthetic urine

When it comes to Walgreens, you can’t buy fake urine there. That’s the same at Walmart as well. It’s a legal thing, and you will never see it. You have to buy that from specialist retailers.

Synthetic urine is absolutely the best way to pass drug test if it’s complex enough and submitted within the correct temperature range. Most drug tests are unsupervised it should be a problem.

The alternative is to mask the toxins with the detox drink. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are permanent detoxification products. All they do is flush out the toxins in your body, keep the balance of your urine appearing natural, and allow your urine to be submitted toxin free from maximum of three or four hours.

The best way to get clean is to be genuinely clean. You can accelerate this with detox pills, because getting clean as a regular weed smoker, for example, could take weeks without them.

Walgreens Detox Drink Options

Interestingly, if you look at the Walgreens website you won’t see any detox drinks in the detoxification and cleansing section.

But you will see several listed in the sporting supplements section, alongside sports drinks. That probably tells you quite a bit about their quality of them indirectly.

Walgreens does sell the Herbal Clean range of detox drinks and pills. In terms of detox drinks that means Ultra Eliminex, and the various types of QCarbo drinks as well.

None of those are recommended. Ultra Eliminex used to be good, but it appears they changed the formula last year. Certainly, I passed a drug test with it two years ago, but home drug testing is an experiment a few months back that failed. So I can’t fully recommend it.

Other than that, there really are no detox drinks at Walmart that I would recommend unless you are absolutely desperate and are facing a test at short notice.

Detox Pills: Walgreens Options & Effectiveness

Again, Walgreens detox pills ranges are heavily biased to the Herbal Clean company. Unfortunately, most of the detox pills they sell are just identical ones repackaged with different names.

Things like Premium Detox, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Q-Caps, QPretox, and Pretox are all different types of pills made by the same company. Overwhelmingly they have incredibly similar ingredients, and collectively, none of them really work very well.

So in terms of Walgreens drug test kit options, both detox pills, and detox drinks are simply not effective options.

What’s The Best Walgreens Drug Test Kit Available?

If you’re really stuck on Walgreens as your only short-term option to pass a drug test quickly, then go for Ultra Eliminex for a detox drink.

Although the formulas changed, it’s still the most potent option at Walgreens offer to pass a drug test.

Just make sure you try and do a 24-hour detox before the day of your test if possible. You could buy some detox pills from Walgreens as well, and overdose those to try and push out more toxins in the 24 hours. Combined, it’s a detox kit that is better than nothing.

In terms of the pills, QPretox is probably the most potent, but they are really all pretty similar. Grab what you can, and hope that the combo of the detox on the day before your test and Ultra Eliminex is good enough.

Does Walgreens Sell Drug Test Kits Work To Pass A Drug Test At All?

I just explained what your best option is if you can only get products from Walgreens to pass a drug test. Does Walgreens sell drug test kits (products) that are really effective though? The answer is overwhelming “no”.

The Ultra Eliminex and detox pill combo is your best bet, but it’s still not a great one. The bottom line here is that the best way to pass a drug test is to prepare. Make sure, where possible, that you have a few days to naturally detox and accelerated with detox pills.

If you don’t get that time, at least 24 hours of detoxification with detox pills and then a good quality detox drink on the day is still going to give you a 90% chance of passing.

But the best way to pass is simply to submit fake urine. It has to be really high-quality and it has to be submitted within the correct temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F). But Walgreens doesn’t sell fake urine. You can only get that from a couple of high-quality specialist retailers.

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Best Way To Pass A Drug Test: Synthetic Urine

So let’s now talk you through the best way to pass a drug test that doesn’t rely on poor-quality Walgreens products.

You have to use high-quality synthetic urine. It will pass the basic validity testing, and will pass an immunoassay. It’s only if it goes through a full gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis that it will get caught out, and that is incredibly unlikely with everyday and cheap drug testing.

These are the three brands that you should use:

Quick Luck is definitely the best. It costs $100, but you are getting literally the best fake urine on the market.

It’s perfectly balanced, containing 14 chemicals found in urine. It looks, smells, and froths like urine. It’s also premixed for convenience, which makes it perfect for on-the-spot and short-notice testing.

Sub Solution is made by the same company that makes Quick Luck, they are Clear Choice brand.The only difference is that it’s a powder that has to be premixed with filtered water, which means you need a little longer for preparation.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution use heat activator powder rather than a heatpad. This removes the chance of failing heatpad from the equation.

You simply tap in about one-third of heat activator powder just before you go into the building to submit your sample, shake it gently until it dissolves, and watch the temperature rise. Add a little more if necessary, and make sure the temperature is as close to 100°F on the temperature reading strip as possible without going over.

Quick Fix is the budget option. It only costs around $30 ($40 for the larger 3 fluid ounces size which is exactly the same even though it’s called “Plus”).

It’s not as complex as Quick Luck or Sub Solution. It only contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity though, and it looks like urine (though not as accurately as Sub Solution and Quick Luck).

It also uses a heatpad. This means you’ll have to use a microwave to get the temperature within the correct temperature range (there’s a temperature strip on the sample bottle). Then you’ll have to activate the heatpad and strap it to it.

Although this is fine most of the time, it’s bulky, and it’s got more chance of failing the heat activator powder. Make sure you take a flask of hot water with you just in case the temperature has dropped.

Another reason I recommend these three brands is that they don’t contain biocide preservatives.

A few years back a lot of fake urine brands started to fail. More and more reports online started to lead to a pattern of brands failing.

When it was found that none of the three brands I’ve mentioned above contain biocide, people put it together that the others must. It appears that the big drug testing companies may have developed something which looks for artificial preservatives in the initial validity checks they do. For a detailed guide on how to use fake urine, click here.

best way to pass a drug test

The Best Alternative Detox Drinks Not Sold At Walgreens

The best detox drinks out there are Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. On its own, Rescue Cleanse is the best deal. Really potent, and I’ve used this to pass a drug test myself.

Mega Clean isn’t quite strong, but it’s the best of the rest. If you buy it from Test Clear, you’ll get six free pre-rid pills bundled in with it. These are powerful Toxin Rid pills.

This Mega Clean + pill combo deal allows you to do a 24-hour detox before the day of your test to push out far more toxins, and then Mega Clean has less to mask on the day of your test.

Obviously, if you haven’t got 24 hours’ notice before your test to do any detoxification at all, then Rescue Cleanse is the better deal. You can purchase Rescue Cleanse, Sub Solution, and Quick Luck synthetic urine from Testnegative.com.

Just make sure that you have a home drug test kit available. I’ve looked at people asking does Walgreens sell drug test kits, as in-home drug testing kits, and they do, if you are facing a test at short notice and need to know if you are clean.

However, if you are smart and plan in advance, then you can buy high-quality drug test kits with the detox drink of your choice.

If the test is positive, you’ll want a second bottle of the detox drink to hand. This can happen if you have lots of drug toxins in the body, and the first detox drink just doesn’t flush them all out.

How To Do A Natural Detox And Accelerate It With High-Quality Detox Pills

The absolute best way to pass a drug test, if you have the notice, is to get naturally clean.

However, as a regular user, it can take a week to get clean. If you are a heavy weed smoker, it can take three or four weeks to get clean because of how cannabis metabolites cling onto fat cells in the body.

None of the Walgreens detox pills will work. But Toxin Rid will. It’s highly potent. I’m telling you, during the first few days, you will marvel at the color of the urine and stools you produce as it pushes out toxins from the body.

Toxin Rid alongside a natural detox will get you clean a 50% faster than you can achieve naturally. So, if it will take you two weeks to get clean naturally, then you could be clean in a week using toxin rid.

It’s not a great thing for the short notice, but if you got a week’s notice, then any level of drug toxins is basically removable using Toxin Rid and a natural detox regime.

They also do shorter lengths of pills, one, two, three, four, and five day courses. You can use these alongside a detox drink on the day of your test to minimize the toxins left to be masked.

The 7 and 10 day courses are perfect for people with high levels of toxins so that you can get genuinely clean to pass. You can read a detailed review here and you can purchase Toxin Rid from Test clear.

Just make sure you also buy a few home drug test kits and a good quality detox drink as a backup. One hour before you leave, test to ensure that you are genuinely clean. If you do unfortunately test positive, then you still have the backup strategy of the detox drink.

When I used Toxin Rid to pass a drug test, I actually did a home drug test on the three days running up to the end of the course, and then the following day on the day of my test. I knew I was going to test negative, which was reassuring. I still bought the detox drink (Rescue Cleanse) just in case.