The Best SARMs Stacks For Cutting & Bulking& Strength – Detailed Guide With Doses And Stacks

best SARMs for cutting

I love writing these guides, and this has been one of my favorites to put together for you. It’s a complete guide to using the best SARMs for cutting, bulking, strength, and even creating a SARMs stack for females. Everything you need is right here. Detailed reviews of the top six SARMs you will use. How to take SARMs, and the different formats you can buy them in.

We will talk about legality, side effects, and even why the price of SARMs is going up so much right now.

All that, and I’ll finish by telling you about three places that I use to buy the highest purity SARMs available right now at the best prices.

The Basics Of SARMs Explained (Hint: Not All SARMs Are SARMs)

SARMs is an acronym for selective androgen receptor modulator. They work by doing exactly what that name describes. They selectively modulate (activate) androgen receptors in the body. Notably, in muscle tissue, while avoiding other areas such as the prostate.

So they mimic the action of testosterone in muscle tissue, telling it to grow faster and stronger and helping it to recover while avoiding general effects in the body in the way that steroids do.

I will just say though that some of the stronger SARMs (S-23, Ligandrol, RAD-140) at higher doses can have more general androgenic effects. That’s why doses are important. But that’s not the whole story of what SARMs are. Some that are classed as SARMs actually do not work on the androgen receptors in that way at all, meaning they do not limit testosterone in the body.

These are the main SARMs that have different mechanisms of action:

This is important to understand because it means that you can create the best SARMs stacks that can bulk and cut, without affecting your testosterone levels at all, or only in a minor way.

SARMs Legality & Why They Are Getting Tougher To Buy

SARMs legality is a grey area. Let’s talk about the USA is that’s where this guide is focused, and the SARMs sellers I recommend are based. It’s not illegal to sell SARMs. You can only sell them as “research chemicals” and you cannot promote them for human use.

SARMs are getting tougher to buy because at the end of 2020 China (under pressure from America) banned the manufacturer and export of SARMs.

So Chinese SARMs supplies are dried up. Countries taking up the slack are quite few and far between. Some people say India is now making SARMs, but I can’t find evidence of that.

You’ve also had the pandemic which has made shipping costs higher and stopped people from going to the gym. The demand is also dried up as well. Plus, a significant number of things like peptides and nootropics, and some SARMs, are made in Eastern Europe. Primarily in Russia and Ukraine. I don’t need to tell anyone why those supplies are drying up as well.

Thankfully, there is a completely safe and natural alternative to SARMs right now which is gaining traction with lots of people who simply can’t get their hands on them. That’s me included.

They offer a similar structure to SARMs, balanced with natural ingredients to produce similar effects. They are produced by a company called Crazybulk, and they are a superb alternative to SARMs that don’t have the same legality or supply issues.

For example, they offer a natural supplement called LIGAN4033. Packed with natural ingredients that enhance muscle growth, deliver an energy boost, and increase body sculpting, it’s very similar to Ligandrol in its effects.

Especially if stacked, these legal alternatives can offer a solution if you can’t get your hands on SARMs, and don’t want to go back to just natural bodybuilding.

The pros of Crazybulk SARMs alternatives are:

  • Easy to get your hands on
  • Significantly better than natural bodybuilding
  • Products are sculpted to be similar to sarms in terms of ingredients and results
  • Affordable
  • Won’t get confiscated by customs
  • Company offers a moneyback guarantee and free global shipping

The cons are:

  • Not as potent as sarms
  • Cost only slightly less than sarms

But overall, concluding this section on SARMs legality, the Crazybulk supplements could be your way out if you cannot get your hands on SARMs right now but need an alternative.

natural sarms alternatives

SARMs Capsules, Powder, Or Liquid?

Should you buy SARMs in capsule format, raw powder, or instead by the wide variety of SARMs liquids out there?

Also, Pure Rawz is virtually the only company I know of right now who are selling high purity and safe injectables and even transdermal liquids. So they are another option if that’s not a problem for you. Injectable certainly gets SARMs working within minutes.

It’s important to understand that all SARMs what exactly the same way in the body. It doesn’t matter how you take them; they all get there in the end. It’s just the different formats affect you at slightly different rates. Partly your decision will come down to price. The raw powder is far cheaper than liquid, which is generally cheaper than capsules.

Let’s quickly look at the pros and cons of each.

Pros of SARMs capsules:

  • Easy to take
  • Easy to dose
  • Avoid the taste of raw powder
  • Can be used anywhere discreetly

Cons of SARMs capsules:

  • Expensive compared to other formats

Pros of SARMs powder:

  • Very cheap to buy
  • Can be mixed easily into a single dose
  • Can be put in capsules using a small machine

Cons of SARMs powder:

  • Difficult to dose exactly
  • Powder gets everywhere
  • Taste is awful

Pros of SARMs liquid:

  • Best balance of price and dose
  • Easy to take
  • Gets to work quicker in the body

Cons of SARMs liquid:

  • Sometimes difficult to dose precisely
  • More expensive than powder
  • Difficult to take discreetly

So it really comes down to personal choice by balancing up your own needs and hopes for taking SARMs. For me, capsules are king if you can afford them, and the prices have come down dramatically with my favorite supplier.

SARMs liquid on the other hand offers the best balance between price and size of dose you get for your money.

Best sarm for cutting

How To Use SARMs

The first thing to think about is the best time to take SARMs. This is actually difficult to define because the times can vary. To be honest, I found it really tough to take stacks of SARMs at different times of the day.

Although some SARMs are better pre-workout, and others best post-workout, with daily dosing that’s not such an issue. Most SARMs have quite a long half-life, so you can dose them several hours away from the peak time you need them.

For me, the best thing to do is to just take them around two hours before you do your workout.

That way the SARMs are in your body to boost your strength and endurance (if you’re using SARMs like Cardarine and SR-9009 to achieve this), while they are already in your body for post-workout recovery and muscle growth.

In terms of dosing SARMs, you simply take the recommended dose for the stack you are using in the format you are taking it.

So if you’re taking a SARMs stack of three, simply drip them under the tongue if you are using sublingual liquid one after the other and let them sink in for about one minute each before swallowing. After you have consumed all of them, drink water to make sure you get the whole dose in your stomach.

Top Six Most Popular SARMs Reviewed

 Now let’s quickly talk you through the top six most popular SARMs out there.

Many of the SARMs can be used for both bulking and cutting, but it can be quite confusing as to exactly what they do, and which strategy they are best employed for.

  1. MK-2866 Ostarine

Mk-2866 Ostarine is the original and classic SARM you can use. It’s not only the oldest, but it’s also the mildest form of SARM you can buy.

Although some people claim that it’s not androgenic, meaning it doesn’t affect your testosterone levels, that’s not entirely true. At higher doses it is mildly androgenic in terms of dropping your testosterone levels towards the end of the cycle.

This is what you need to know about Ostarine:

  • Can easily be dose just once per day
  • Half life is as long as 24 hours
  • Shouldn’t be used more than 12 consecutive weeks
  • Dosage range is between a low of 10 mg and an average higher 40 mg
  • Dose can be split in half daily if desired
  • PCT supplement should not be required post cycle unless high doses consumed
  • Fantastic beginner’s option for cutting and maintenance

Ostarine was conceived to try and help people muscle wasting illnesses. So it’s designed to protect muscle mass in a calorie deficit.

Ostarine is therefore the perfect chemical to use if you are cutting and want to protect your gains. It also produces a small boost in the rate at which your body burns fat, as well as minimizing fat storage.

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  1. RAD-140 Testolone

Testolone RAD-140 is a potent bulking SARM, and is strongly androgenic in its effects. Therefore, it’s also strong in its androgenic side effects. This is very suppressive natural testosterone production and you will definitely feel that suppression by the end of a cycle.

Here’s what you need to know about Testolone:

  • Can be dosed once per day
  • Half life is up to 16 hours
  • Should not be used for more than 10 weeks consecutively
  • Dosage range is between 5 mg and 20 mg (most don’t go that high)
  • Very suppressive so PCT supplements will be needed
  • Be careful stacking with other androgenic sarms
  • Very potent muscle builder

This is a “classic” SARM. Has a strong affinity to bone and muscle tissue, creating faster recovery times, and significantly harder and larger muscle repair/growth.

Perfect as part of the bulking stack, you should be careful using it with another strongly androgenic SARM because of the significant testosterone suppression it will produce.

  1. LGD-4033 Ligandrol

Third, on my list is one of the great SARMs for bulking. However, Ligandrol is also great for muscle preservation and better fat burning as well.

Ligandrol is known as “Super Osta”, alluding to the fact that it’s a stronger version of the Ostarine formula.

However, this not only gives it muscle protection and fat-burning characteristics at an elevated level of Ostarine, but it also means it’s more strongly androgenic and can in fact harden and build muscles as well.

Put together, Ligandrol offers the following:

  • Long half-life of up to 30 hours
  • A typical dose is around 5 mg (don’t go higher than 8-10 milligrams)
  • Suppressive testosterone especially at higher levels
  • Recommended not to exceed 10-week cycle
  • Superb ability to protect muscle mass gains
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Can harden and grow larger muscles

So as you can see, Ligandrol is a great all-rounder. It can cut more fat, and protect your gains in a calorie deficit during a cutting cycle.

But it can also build muscle and aid recovery as well, making it good to put into maintenance or bulking cycle as well.

  1. S-4 Andarine

Andarine is another great all-rounder, that’s part of the Ostarine/Ligandrol family. Built on the same structure, it’s more potent than Ostarine but not as potent as Ligandrol. It’s been found to bind to androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue with a very high affinity and is very good for developing hard muscle tone, which is why it’s used by bodybuilders’ preshow.

This is the lowdown on S-4 Andarine:

  • Half life is up to 4 hours
  • Short half life means you may need to dose twice per day
  • Low-dose is around 15 mg, typical 30 mg, ceiling 50 mg
  • Maximum cycle length no more than 10 weeks
  • Will require a PCT supplement
  • Good for hardening muscle tone
  • Good at protecting muscle mass gains when cutting

So Andarine is fantastic for protecting your gains, and even slightly enhancing them at higher doses. It’s great for hardening muscle and sculpting your already completed hard work. Plus, it can cut fat in a way similar to Ostarine.

It is suppressive of testosterone production though, and at doses above 50 mg some people have reported a change in their vision, with it having a yellow tint to it. This is temporary and fades a few days after you stop taking it, but it’s a sign the dose is probably too high.

  1. GW-501516 Cardarine

Next on the list of my top six is one of my favorite SARMs. Cardarine isn’t androgenic, it works as a PPAR-Delta modulator.

That means that it actually works by stimulating protein receptors. This helps to produce higher levels of glucose that is then used by muscle tissue. Cardarine is known by athletes as “energy in a bottle”. That spike of glucose gives you significant energy level increases during your workout and fuels muscle recovery.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Half life is up to 24 hours
  • Single dose per day works fine
  • Best dosed two hours before your workout
  • Average dose is around 10 mg
  • Should not be used more than 10 weeks
  • Does not need a PCT supplement
  • Delivers a significant increase in energy output levels

Cardarine is perfect for underpinning any SARMs stack. Whether you are cutting (and lacking in energy) or bulking and exhausting yourself, Cardarine spikes your glucose to help you power through the tough times, and recover better.

  1. S-23

This is a very potent androgenic substance. Highly anabolic in nature, this at high doses is as close to an anabolic steroid in terms of its androgenic effects as you will get. Therefore, S-23 is definitely a bulking and strength SARM. You’ll get significant muscle growth and significant increases in your strength and endurance levels.

These are the key things you need to know about it:

  • Half life is around six hours
  • Typical dosage range is around 15 mg
  • Single or twice daily dosing
  • Don’t use for more than eight weeks
  • Will always require a significant PCT supplement post cycle
  • This is not for beginners even at a very low dose
  • Produces significant increases in muscle mass
  • Improves strength and endurance levels

This is potent stuff. It can even cut fat because it improves your endurance levels so much. You have to watch out because muscle growth can sometimes be so aggressive they can put significant strain on your frame.

Muscle mass is dry and sculpted, with very little water retention. However, it is potently anabolic and will significantly suppress testosterone levels by the end of a typical cycle.

Best SARMs Stack For Cutting

Now we have talked through the general information you need to know about getting started with SARMs, let’s talk about SARMs stacks. I’ll begin with what I think is the best group of SARMs for cutting, the best cutting stack that I personally use.

The power of SARMs in the stack. Individually they are good, but you have to really work out hard. Why put all that effort in only one supplement benefit when you can benefit from two or three stacked?

Here is the SARMs cutting stack I use:

  • Ostarine 20 mg per day
  • Stronger alternative – swap out Ostarine for Andarine at 10 mg per day
  • Cardarine 10 mg per day
  • 10 week cycle
  • At least six week gap between cycles
  • PCT supplement required if using Andarine

This is a simple to SARMs stack that delivers everything you need to cut high levels of fat while protecting muscle mass.

Cardarine will deliver a significant energy boost allowing you to expend more energy and recover faster, while Ostarine (or Andarine) will not only protect your muscle mass but also rebalance your energy output levels.

Best SARMs For Bulking Stack

 If you want to bulk up, then you’re looking at using androgenic SARMs, and underpinning it with something that can increase your strength and endurance so you can really work your muscles harder.

This is the simple bulking stack I’ve used twice now for fantastic results:

  • Ligandrol 5 mg per day
  • Testolone 10 mg per day
  • Cardarine 10 mg per day
  • Eight-week cycle length
  • At least eight-week break
  • PCT required

This is a potent stack. You could also swap out the Testolone for 10 mg of S-23 for slightly more potent results.

For ultimate bulking potential, which you shouldn’t be doing the first time out, you can stack Testolone with S-23. But be aware that this is very suppressive, and could also mean it puts strain on you due to dramatic growth.

If you want a ready-made stack that offers high muscle-building potency, then there is one from Rats Army that is slightly unusual and could also really work for you.

It contains RAD-140 and two non-androgenic SARMs to achieve its muscle building and energy raising.

The non-androgenic SARMs are MK-677 and YK-11. Both are very good at delivering huge muscle-building potential, with YK-11 being very close in structure to an anabolic steroid. It’s definitely a stack to check out if you want to try something slightly less androgenic.

Swiss Chems also sell the exact same stack for bulking as Rats Army. The difference is that Rats Army sells winners liquids, whereas is Swiss Chems sell them as more convenient capsules. Check out the price differences to decide which would be best for your needs.

SARMs Stack For Gaining Strength

 Doing a strength stack is actually a great one to start your journey with. I building strength and endurance you can push yourself harder when you then do your bulking and cutting stacks.

Remember, this type of stack is not about putting on muscle. It’s about building your strength and endurance while beginning to reshape your body.

Here’s the simple stack I use:

  • Andarine 10 mg per day
  • Ligandrol 5 mg per day
  • Cardarine 10 mg per day
  • 10 week cycle
  • Eight week gap between cycles
  • PCT supplement required

What this is doing is using Andarine to strengthen and tone your muscles. You can also use the smaller dose of Ligandrol to also gain strength and protect muscle gains when you are really pushing yourself into a calorie deficit.

Plus, as always, but Cardarine underpinning it. You could always replace Cardarine with SR-9009 Stenabolic if you would like another non-androgenic research chemical to use as an energy boost.

A really interesting ready-made option that is simple to use is a stack you can buy at a discount from Rats Army (update: they are out of business).

You’ll get Ligandrol, MK-677, and Tamoxifen bundled in as a PCT supplement. It’s mildly androgenic, but it will certainly produce significant strength and endurance gains. If you’re lazy and just want a good deal, it’s definitely one to consider.

Great SARMs Stack For Females

 Let’s finish this part of the guide about creating the best SARMs stacks for the goals you have set yourself by talking about SARMs for girls.

Women don’t get the androgenic side effects. However, SARMs can still mess around with your testosterone and estrogen balance (it’s amazing how many people don’t realize women still have testosterone in men still have estrogen).

You will need far lower doses, and you have to look at the goals that most women set. Most females are looking to strengthen, tone, and cut fat. They are not looking to gain large amounts of muscle tissue.

All that together, and a great stack for women to use is as follows:

  • Ostarine 5 mg per day
  • Andarine 5 mg every second day
  • Cardarine 5 mg per day
  • 10 week cycle
  • Eight week gap between cycles
  • No PCT supplement required

What this stack will do is deliver a significant energy boost, and tone and hard in your existing muscle tissue. It will grow it slightly but not much. Then, as you’re probably working in and around a calorie deficit at times, both of the SARMs Andarine and Ostarine will help to protect your gains and rebalance your energy expenditure.

best PCT for SARMs

Best PCT Supplements For SARMs

 If you’re using androgenic SARMs then you’re definitely going to need to use a PCT supplement.

Nolvadex is the mildest between it and Clomid. It should do for most situations. The only time I would suggest you really need Clomid available is if you have just completed a cycle of S-23 or RAD-140.

The thing I would say here is if you start to feel suppressed before the end of your cycle, don’t continue. Stop the cycle immediately and begin PCT treatment.

SARMs Before And After Photo Warning

Before I finish, I just want to talk to you about those SARMs before and after photos, you will see online. My advice is to completely ignore the photos you see. You simply don’t know if the claims are true. You don’t have that person’s reality. How long they have been working out. You don’t know what they have taken, or for how long.

The only advice you need for SARMs is that you have to try them for yourself.

Pick the right stack, work really hard, make sure your nutrition and workout frequency is spot on, and judge your before and after yourself.

SARMs before and after

Where To Buy The Highest Purity SARMs On The Market Right Now

I hope this quick guide to using SARMs stacks has been helpful to you, so let’s finish up by telling you where to buy high-purity SARMs. The best SARMs companies out there, and Rats Army unfortunately closed at the end of March 2022, leaving lots of people flailing around looking for an alternative.

Just mention here that you shouldn’t use companies that offer only cheap and illegally exported Chinese SARMs. These companies include Umbrella Labs and Behemotlabz.

These are the two companies I use and recommend:

Swiss Chems

I love these guys and then use them for several years. They only sell SARMs capsules now, but the prices of dropped by nearly 50% in the past 12 months. That puts them on a level with the cheaper SARMs liquid. You can even get an additional 10% off by using the discount code Gyula10 at checkout.

best sarms source


If you’re looking for high-quality SARMs in the current market, then Chemo is one of the few companies left standing.

So many companies have left the marketplace in the past year that it’s made my head spin. As my supplies have dried up I’ve been feverishly trying alternatives and can recommend these guys as they now have a long-standing record and a unique place in the market.

Chemyo sell quite a few types of SARMs, although as you will understand, supplies can be a bit erratic and they do offer some similar research chemical alternatives.

For example, they sell GW0742, as well as GW-501516. Both are PPAR Delta agonists, both have similar effects: increased glucose availability, better energy output, faster fat burning, and improved metabolism levels. So once you’ve educated/clued up on the similar research chemicals that have the same effects as the “classic” SARMs that you probably used to, then you can get shopping with confidence.

Chemyo is therefore a great recommendation right now in the current marketplace, they offer 10 types of SARMs, and their supplies are good.

High purity, large doses, and 50 mL dropper bottles for the same price as many companies offer 30 mL dropper bottles. Certainly a great deal in the current climate, and my new #1 recommendation for SARMs.

To get 10% off use the code: ihcc10 at the checkout.


Crazybulk SARMs Alternatives

Brutal Force SARMs alternatives are perfect for not only being better natural bodybuilding alone but also for supplementing SARMs use. Because they are safe and completely natural, they can be stacked with SARMs to emphasize your results.

Better than that, they can also be run post-cycle, continuously if you want, because there are no side effects to worry about. They are also affordable. Around $70 for a month’s supply. You’ll save up to 40% by buying one of their ready-made stacks as well.

They do specialize in cutting, bulking, and strength stacks. All of these can be stacked with a full SARMs stack to dramatically increase your gains, but without increasing androgenic side effects.