RAD-140 Testolone: Experience, Results, Dosage, & Buying

Testolone RAD 140

This is going to be a full guide & review to successfully using RAD-140 Testolone, a potent SARM, to deliver significant muscle bulk in the shortest possible space of time.

However, this isn’t going to be like the generic reviews out there telling you how great is without being realistic. This is going to be a low down and dirty guide to the reality of using SARMs, and how you can avoid the pitfalls to get the maximum benefits.

I’ll tell you exactly what it is, how it works, and what my experiences have been. I’ll tell you how to stack it, the side effects to watch out for, and vitally, where you can actually find real RAD-140 for sale that’s not cut with rubbish.

What Is RAD-140?

RAD-140 is often also known by the name Testolone, which actually pretty accurately describes it.

RAD-140 acts as a substitute for testosterone. In studies, it’s found to bind to androgen receptors with up to 40% higher affinity than testosterone does.

You see, that’s the important distinction between anabolic steroids and SARMs. Anabolic steroids hit the androgen receptors in the way that testosterone does, but across the body in an aggressive way. That’s why they have such horrendous side effects.

SARMs selectively activate androgen receptors only in muscle and bone tissue. They do have some low-affinity effects on the prostate and other areas at high doses, but for normal use, you won’t get the impact across the body.

RAD-140 is, therefore, a potent muscle builder, but only if used in the right way, and backed up by hard work and a superb diet. On their own, SARMs equivalent doses over an equivalent amount of time, simply cannot compete with anabolic steroids. But Testolone comes close.

Testolone RAD-140 Experience & Results

So what exactly should you expect if you use RAD-140 for a single cycle?

It’s very difficult to quantify this because there are so many variables:

  • Who you are and how experienced you are
  • Your body type
  • How much effort you put in
  • Dosage and quality of the SARMs
  • What your vascularity and overall strength and condition are

 Plus, something many guys forget, how good your diet is to fuel this.

So all I can base this on is my research online, and networking on sites like Reddit. Plus my own experiences, and those of people I know.

I’m going to tell you first what sort of results can be achieved using RAD-140:

  • An increase in lean muscle mass (up to 10% LBM in trials on monkeys)
  • The dramatic increase in strength and endurance
  • Higher levels of positivity and determination
  • Faster recovery times
  • Builds strength in bones for the long term

But all of these things don’t just happen overnight, and they won’t be that dramatic even after a single cycle at a strong dose.

However, I can attest to the fact that you will see significant lean muscle mass increases. As I said up there a moment ago, up to 10% lean body mass was noted in trials on primates and was confirmed in tests on rats. However, no human testing has ever been done to confirm this.

Anecdotally, based on my own experiences and others, this is one of the most aggressive SARMs for developing lean muscle mass rapidly.

If you work out really hard, back it up with superb diet nutrition, and increase your vascularity with cardio, then over a cycle of around 12 weeks you will significantly increase your strength, endurance, and have visibly changed muscle tone.

However, I’ll say that with one caveat. Your own experience will be different from mine, and a lot of other people’s. You mustn’t expect miracles from your first cycle. To truly develop your body will take a couple of cutting cycles and a couple of bulking cycles, over the space of around 15-18 months.

RAD 140 results

Proper RAD-140 Dosage

SARMs of never been tested on humans properly, and have never been licensed for use on humans. Therefore, there’s no data out there about what a typical dosage range should look like for any purpose, let alone for it being used by bodybuilders to cut fat, build strength, or develop stronger and larger muscles.

So everything relating to the dosage you’ll read online is anecdotal or personal. There’s no way around that. All I can do is talk you through my own RAD-140 dosage range, and how it compares to others.

A low dose of RAD-140 is considered to be 5 mg. On its own, you’re going to get very minimal effects. As part of a stack, significantly more. A typical beginner’s dose on its own is around 10 mg, pushing up to 15 mg if you’re still getting no effects after a month.

An experienced dosage, if using RAD-140 on its own, is usually 20 mg, or sometimes a little lower at 15 mg.

I’ll talk about the side effects and warnings later, but anything above 20 mg is incredibly suppressive on testosterone. In research, RAD-140 was found to reduce overall free testosterone levels by up to 50% in as little as four weeks, which is incredibly significant.

The bottom line here is the lowest dose possible will give you good returns physically, and minimize your chances of significant testosterone depletion.

In terms of when to dose, the RAD-140 half-life is short, 24 hours or less, so daily dosing is necessary and acceptable.

RAD 140 testolone dosage

How To Stack RAD-140 For Maximum Gains

There are lots of SARMs stacks that you can use, but that’s a topic in itself. However, this is the stack that I use when I am bulking:

  • 10 mg Testolone
  • 5 mg YK-11
  • 10 mg Cardarine or SR-9009
  • 10 week cycle
  • Eight-week break (at least)
  • Strong PCT supplement required (Clomid)

What this SARMs stack will deliver is a huge increase in lean muscle mass compared to what you can achieve naturally in that 10-week cycle.

You’ll have Testolone doing the heavy lifting, and the less androgenic YK-11 also feeding the muscles through increasing the body’s production of HGH and IGF-1, both essential to developing lean and hard muscles.

The Cardarine delivers an increase in energy output, allowing you to work out harder, longer, and recover faster. You can switch this out for SR-9009 which has a similar effect on the body but a different mechanism of action. Neither of the SARMs is androgenic either.

You will need a significant PCT supplement and time to recover though. This is an aggressive stack. You will need Clomid for at least the first couple of weeks, and then either a reduced dose of Clomid (usually 50 mg reduced down to 25 mg) or if you feel yourself starting to recover, switch it to around 25 mg of Nolvadex per day.

Rad 140 stack

RAD-140 Side Effects & Warnings To Be Aware Of

RAD-140 is an impressive SARM. At higher doses and with hard work it’s as close to an anabolic steroid as you will get without things being dangerous to your body overall.

However, as I’ve already touched on, testosterone suppression is the killer of using this potent androgenic SARM.

What happens is that your body gets the message that there is so much testosterone flying around that it starts to taper down its natural production, because it simply isn’t needed.

If you ignore the signs of testosterone suppression this depletion will keep going until you suffer partial testosterone shut down. If you continue to ignore it, especially over multiple cycles of androgenic SARMs then it can end up shutting off your test supply forever. As you can imagine, that’s going to be dramatically bad for your health.

You need to know what the signs of testosterone drop are, and be honest about spotting and acknowledging them:

  • Feeling depressed and blue
  • Lacking physical energy
  • Lacking mental energy
  • Not feeling yourself physically or mentally
  • Muscles not developing as usual
  • Longer recovery times
  • Mood swings and anxiety
  • Shrinking testicles
  • In extreme cases thickened breast tissue

As soon as you spot the signs of testosterone drop, you need to either immediately stop the RAD-140 cycle and begin PCT, or at the very least, reduce the dosages so that the drop isn’t so aggressive.

An alternative, whether you drop the dosage or not, is to begin PCT on cycle. I wouldn’t really recommend that though, especially not if you’re going to continue taking the full dose. Because what you are doing is making your body fight itself between estrogen and testosterone levels in a way that will make your body and mood highly unpredictable.

Rad 140 dosage

RAD-140 Vs LGD-4033

RAD-140 is a potent anabolic SARM that has strong androgenic effects on the body. It’s highly efficient at helping muscle tissue to grow far more aggressively than it can naturally. LGD-4033 Ligandrol is often referred to as “Super Osta” because it’s structurally similar to Ostarine and made by the same company. It’s basically a stronger version.

What you will get with Ligandrol is your body being told to burn fat before muscle tissue in a significant calorie deficit, allowing you to burn more fat than you can naturally while protecting your gains.

However, because LGD-4033 is so much stronger than Ostarine, at larger doses you will get some muscle building, not just muscle protection, especially if you are not in a deep calorie deficit. So RAD-140 is a potent muscle builder when you are eating lots of calories want to bulk up, while Ligandrol is a good all-rounder that allows you to build a little muscle while protecting your gains and cutting fat.

They can be stacked together as a great maintenance SARMs stack, but do have conflicting effects individually.

What Do RAD-140 Reviews Online Say?

As with all chemicals, you will find mixed reviews online. Some people say it’s the best thing since sliced bread, other people say it didn’t work for them, others will say they were damaged using the supplement.

It’s the same with people talking about their own RAD-140 experiences as well. You will never find a consensus.

However, a lot of people do get great gains from using it. It’s generally accepted to be one of the strongest anabolic SARMs, which over several cycles are good doses, backed up by great work, can pack on up to 10% lean body mass during each cycle, and build dramatic strength.

Real people on Reddit generally have great things to say:

“I’m at week 4 20mg Already gained 5kg mostly muscle mass Side effects: insomnia, headaches, and had a verbal fight with a freakin granny so impatience. Streng, it’s great, really feel less sore the next day tbh”

“I felt like a machine, in a good way. Great pumps, easy PRs every workout, etc.

Gained 15 lbs, mostly muscle and strength went through the roof.

Side effects were aggression in a bad way. Shorter fuse for sure. Also started to get a bit suppressed at about week 5, lethargy, etc.”

Where To Find RAD-140 For Sale

I want to finish here by talking about something crucial around buying SARMs generally. You have to get the real deal otherwise you will be in trouble. There’s no point in working out on a chemical if the chemicals doing no good.

I often refer back to a study where it was found that over 50% of the SARMs online from over 20 sellers in the USA were found to be deficient in some way. Some didn’t contain the claimed amount of SARMs, didn’t contain the right one, contained a combo, or were spiked with other things like anabolic steroids. One seller had nothing in it at all other than suspension liquid. A complete con.

What you need to verify that you are buying from the right place is that genuine independent third-party lab test reports are published on the product pages. Not many people out there do them, but these three trusted sellers I use do have the testing in place.

1. Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems are my first choice for SARMs right now, especially for SARMs capsules which offer exact dosing and complete convenience.

Prices of capsules come down dramatically, by as much as 50% in the past 12 months. This is at the same time that SARMs liquid has increased in price, so there’s not actually much of a premium to pay now for the convenience of capsules.

That’s brilliant news for beginners, and you can get an extra 15% of Swiss Chems capsules by doing this:

  1. Take advantage of the 5% cashback offer that they give when you sign up for an account.
  2. Use this 10% discount code every time you check out: Gyula10

RAD-140 has a more modern derivative called RAD-150. That’s the one that Swiss Chems sell.

Right now, 60 capsules, each dosing 10 mg, costs $89.95. Take 15% off that, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic deal.

Testolone RAD 140 for sale


If you just want good quality liquid SARMs is a great price, then CHEMYO is one of the few sellers left standing now. Because of all the reasons I have mentioned around supply problems and legality, the supply of SARMs only going to get worse.

So when you find a good quality SARMs seller, grab as much as you can. I buy three future stacks at once now, so I’m sorted for a year and I advise you to do the same.

Chemyo offers great value 50 mL dropper bottle SARMs. They also offer the same SARMs in powder format. They even sell great value suspension liquid, you can mix your own liquid SARMs for less cost if you want to. Right now, a 50 mL dropper bottle of RAD-140, dosed at 10 mg/mL, will cost you $69.99.

For the raw powder version, you’ll pay $79.99 for a full gram. Then just $10 more will get you the suspension liquid you need to use it without dealing with raw powder.

I’ll also just mention that Chemyo does some great value stacks. I say stacks, they are pairs of SARMs sold at a discount that complement each other. You can buy RAD-140 with MK-677 for a potent bulking stack. MK builds appetite and body mass while RAD-140 builds hard and lean muscles. Really strong stuff if you want to bulk up huge and fast.

Or, you could buy the stack of RAD-140 and Cardarine GW-501516. Cardarine underpins any SARMs stack with incredible boosting energy levels and greater endurance, and it changes your fatty acid metabolism to provide greater fat burning as well as up-regulating glucose availability.

So buy the stacks you want to use right now if you can. Also, never just use SARMs on their own, the power is in the stack. Team your SARMs stack up with an all-natural SARMs alternative stack as well, and you will never look back.

To get 10% off, use this code: ihcc10

buy rad 140

SARMs: All Natural Alternatives To Consider

Look, you are not going to get the potency of Testolone in an all-natural supplement. Let’s tell you that upfront. However, a lot of people miss the benefits of using all-natural supplements alongside SARMs and complementing them.

Look at the benefits you can get from using them:

  • Completely safe and natural to use
  • Do not even raise testosterone levels (depending on supplement)
  • Affordable and easy-to-use
  • Can be used at the same time as a SARMs stack
  • Can be used post cycle to continue getting some benefit from your hard work

Brutal Force does a RAD-140 alternative that is modeled on it, using completely natural compounds to achieve a similar balance in terms of the result.

RADBULK isn’t as potent as SARMs, but it will build lean muscle mass at a faster rate than you can achieve naturally. It will increase your strength and vascularity, and it can increase your fat burning rate. I use the supplements at times to supplement SARMs, not to replace them. If you don’t want to use SARMs, then why the hell would you build naturally when you can use something completely safe to get better results?

For just $58, RADBULK, or even better an all-natural SARMs alternative stack from these guys, is well worth trying at least once.

RAD 140 for sale

If you just want good quality liquid SARMs is a great price, then CHEMYO is one of the few sellers left standing now. Because of all the reasons I have mentioned around supply problems and legality, the supply of SARMs only going to get worse.

So when you find a good quality SARMs seller, grab as much as you can. I buy three future stacks at once now, so I’m sorted for a year and I advise you to do the same.


How long does it take for RAD-140 to work?

When you’re talking about how long it takes for RAD-140 to work, what we are really saying is how long will it take to get visible gains? The answer is unfortunately not straightforward.

The problem is that everybody is different. Their diet will be different, and the way they work out will be different. On top of that, how the SARMs work in the body will differ, alongside whether you are stacking RAD-140 or using it on its own.

Generally, RAD-140 a typical dosage of around 15 mg, should start to show physical changes at around four weeks, and after 10 week cycle, you should notice the difference as long as you’ve worked really hard, and backed it up with a superb diet.

Does RAD-140 really work?

RAD-140 does really work. It’s as close to an anabolic steroid as you’re going to get without actually taking them.

RAD-140 binds to the androgen receptors with a very high affinity. In mammal studies, it has been shown to dramatically increase strength and lean muscle mass far more quickly than can be achieved naturally.

However, you need the right dose of high-quality RAD-140 (around 15 -20mg daily), and preferably, you should stack it with other SARMs for maximum benefits.

Is RAD-140 stronger than testosterone?

In studies, RAD-140 has been shown to bind to the androgen receptors with a high affinity than testosterone. So the simple answer is yes, it stronger than testosterone in the effects it can deliver.

However, that’s not the whole story, as there are the variables of the quality of the SARMs, your diet, and how hard you push yourself that come into play. So, yes you will get results better than using a testosterone supplement, but without the hard work, it doesn’t matter if it’s stronger than testosterone or not as you will see little change.

Does RAD-140 have side effects?

The main side effect of RAD-140 is the fact that it is highly androgenic in nature. So you will get significant testosterone production suppression within a few weeks of starting to use it.

You will get the potential main symptoms of testosterone drop in a minor way, or more violently if the dose is high. Always be aware of how your body and mind are reacting to SARMs, and also make sure you have PCT supplement to hand.

What should I stack with RAD-140?

RAD-140 is probably the most potent bulking SARM. You would therefore use it as part of a bulking stack. You could stack it with another bulking SARM like YK-11 or S-23, or use something like Ligandrol to improve strength, build muscle, and cut fat at the same time. The energy, you should stack RAD-140 with Cardarine or Stenabolic.

Do I need to stack RAD-140?

You certainly do not need to stack RAD-140. A good dose of around 20 mg per day will significantly build your lean muscle mass and strength over the course of a single cycle of around 10 weeks.

However, as with all SARMs, you will get better results, faster, by stacking the SARMs. Pairing RAD-140 up with something like Cardarine, which delivers higher energy levels, means you can push yourself harder, and get the gains faster and stronger.

Can you stack Ostarine and RAD-140?

You can stack RAD-140 with Ostarine. Ostarine however, is best for cutting. If you intend working out in a calorie deficit, it will protect your lean gains, and tell the body to cut more fat. Paired with RAD-140 in a calorie deficit, you’re simply not going to get the gains.

A far better choice would be Ligandrol, which is like Ostarine except far more potent. That way can cut fat, but still build muscle and energy levels in a slight calorie deficit.

What is a good SARMs stack?

There are many good SARMs stacks, so the question is like asking “How long is a piece of string?”. For cutting you should pair up something like Ligandrol with Stenabolic. For strength you something like Cardarine and Andarine, and for bulking, RAD-140 with Cardarine and S-23.

But with 11 different types of SARMs, you’ll need to investigate in much more detail to get your own tailored cutting, bulking, or strength stack sorted.

Do you need PCT for RAD-140?

Yes, you definitely need PCT when you use RAD-140. It binds the androgen receptors with a very high affinity, and will definitely cause your body to lower its own natural testosterone production.

With Testolone you will also need to make sure you use Clomid, which is the strongest PCT supplement, and at a dose of around 50 mg during the initial two or three weeks of PCT.

How long should you PCT after RAD-140?

PCT should be started immediately at the end of a cycle of RAD-140 because it’s highly suppressive to natural testosterone production. However, the amount a PCT will need will depend on the dose and how your body responds.

Not only should you start PCT immediately after ceasing a RAD-140 cycle, but if you feel the signs of testosterone drop on cycle, then you should stop the cycle early and start PCT early, never continue running a cycle of such a strong SARM when you know you are suffering from significant testosterone drop.

Can I use RAD-140 PCT?

RAD-140 should not be used during PCT. It will undo the work of the post cycle therapy supplement, with your body simultaneously trying to cut its own testosterone production, while the SERM PCT supplement cuts the estrogen and therefore raises testosterone levels. That’s a path to madness.

Ostarine is mild and can be used during PCT to protect your gains in a calorie deficit, allowing you to recover from strongly androgenic SARMs and still make progress. But you should never use RAD-140 post cycle.

What is the best PCT for SARMs?

The best PCT for SARMs is not the right question to ask. The right question to ask is what the best PCT supplement the type of SARMs I’m using.

If you’re using a highly anabolic SARMs which will deplete your natural testosterone levels significantly, then you need the strongest PCT supplement called Clomid. You will need to dose of 50 mg per week for a couple of weeks, then drop down to about 25 mg until you feel good.

However, for most SARMs cycles which are not using large quantities of highly androgenic SARMs, you can usually get away with Nolvadex, which is mild, and should be dosed at around the same level as Clomid.