Best SARMs For Women Revealed – Dosing, Stacking, Cycling Advice

Women can derive significant benefits from using SARMs, just as men can. However, the best SARMs for women to use are often slightly different because their goals are different from men’s. What I’m going to do here is talk you through all the basics of using SARMs as a female. Everything from the length of the female SARMs cycle, to how to stack them and dose them correctly.

Plus, I’ll talk about the results you can expect, possible side effects you can experience, and where you can still buy high-quality SARMs from.

The Reasons Why SARMs Can Benefit Women As Well As Men

SARMs have the ability to add lean muscle mass, tone existing muscle mass, increase energy levels, and cut fat.

Now obviously, women tend to not want to add much lean muscle mass, but they are keen on toning up, having more energy, and cutting as much fat as possible. So apart from the bulking that men like, SARMs are just as rewarding for women to use.

There are downsides though, and some side effects you need to be aware of, which I will talk you through towards the end of this review of the best SARMs for women to use.

The Best SARMs For Females & The Reasons Why

A list of the best SARMs for females to use will therefore not contain SARMs that can bulk you up.

For example, MK-677 is a non-androgenic chemical (not actually a SARM at all, but always grouped with them) that packs on the muscle, increases appetite, and increases body weight. Now for almost any woman, that sounds like a horror show.

So putting aside anything which increases appetite, bulk you up, increases water weight, anything like that, we are left with the following best SARMs for a woman to consider using:

  • Ostarine is a very mild SARM that’s great for beginners. It can cut fat, increase energy, and protect muscle mass in a calorie deficit.
  • Andarine is an upgrade on Ostarine, basically the same chemical structure, just stronger. Not only will it cut fat, increase energy, and protect muscle mass when you are dieting, but in addition, it will harden and dry out your muscle tone.
  • Cardarine is possibly a woman’s best friend in terms of SARMs. Actually, it’s not a SARM at all, it works as a PPAR-Delta modulator. What it does is increase glucose uptake, delivering a significant energy increase. That allows you to work out harder, recover quicker, and burn more calories.
  • Always lumped in with SARMs, but not actually one at all, is SR-9009 Stenabolic. Little known, and little used, it’s similar to Cardarine in that it significantly increases available energy. Again, that will help with pushing yourself harder in the gym, burning more calories, and with recovery.
  • Ligandrol is a slightly stronger androgenic SARM that some women use. At low doses, it’s similar to Andarine, but at slightly higher doses you will not only dry and harden your muscles, but you will increase your muscle volume as well. This makes it perfect for women who want to put on a slight bulk or tone.

Three Simple SARMs Stacks For Women

Now you are more aware of the SARMs which are great for female use, I want to talk you through three simple SARMs stacks for women.

The first stack is a cutting stack. With this you will protect your muscle mass, but also tone, burn more calories, and retain energy levels as well:

  • 10 mg Ostarine daily
  • 5 mg Cardarine daily
  • Cycle length 12 weeks
  • 10 week gap between cycles

This is the simplest, and most classic cutting stack for women. Ostarine protects your muscles while telling your body to burn more fat. Cardarine increases your energy output so you can work out harder and recover quicker.

Female SARMs stack for cutting & strength:

  • 5 mg Andarine daily
  • 5 mg Cardarine or Stenabolic daily
  • Cycle length 10 weeks
  • 10 week gap between cycles

This is a slightly stronger cutting stack than the beginner stack using Ostarine. You are basically swapping Andarine for Ostarine to increase the fat cutting, and muscle hardening. Plus, Andarine can increase strength more than Ostarine.

You’ll still get Cardarine or Stenabolic increasing your energy output as well, which will burn more calories, and allow faster muscle recovery times.

The third stack is a bulking stack. Not in the way men pack on lean muscle though, this will just create slightly larger and far more defined and dry muscle tone, while still cutting fat and increasing endurance:

  • 5 mg Andarine daily
  • 2 mg Ligandrol daily
  • 5 mg Cardarine daily
  • 10 week cycle length
  • 10 week gap between cycles

This works in a similar way to the increased bulking stack I mentioned above. However, the inclusion of a small dose of Ligandrol will drive slightly larger muscle growth and increased muscle hardening. This is alongside Andarine cutting fat, and Cardarine delivering an increase in endurance and calorie expenditure.

best sarm stack for woman

Let’s Talk About SARMs Dosage Girls Should Be Taking In Comparison To Men

Women should definitely not be taking anywhere near the dosage of SARMs that men do. In addition, some people recommend that women don’t dose SARMs every day. You’ll routinely see people telling you to do something like Ostarine at 10 mg every other day.

I don’t think you need to be that conservative with the more tolerable SARMs like Ostarine and Andarine, nor with the non-androgenic SARMs like Cardarine and Stenabolic.

However, I would be very careful about taking doses of stronger androgenic SARMs like Testolone or S-23 daily, because that will significantly increase your chances of androgenic side effects.

If I Had To Recommend One SARM It Would Be Cardarine For Women

If I had to recommend one SARM for girls to try and use, it would be Cardarine for women to benefit from.

Now some of you might be reading this and thinking “what? No Ostarine?”.

Ostarine is very mild and can cut fat, slightly boost energy levels, and maintain your muscle mass in a calorie deficit. It’s a great beginner’s chemical to take, and a great all-rounder for women because of the effects it produces.

However, Cardarine is known as “energy in a bottle”. That will allow you to work out harder and burn more fat anyway. On top of that, harder working out will increase your vascularity, strength, and general fitness more quickly than using Ostarine.

So you will burn the calories and cut the fat. But you will also gain much more than just using Ostarine.

In addition, Cardarine is completely non-androgenic, meaning there’s no chance that you will suffer any androgenic side effects.

However, if you’re looking for the “magic bullet” of the best SARMs for girls as a stack rather than using them singularly, then Ostarine and Cardarine are the ones to use.

best sarm for female

Do Females Get Side Effects Using SARMs?

Females using SARMs can develop some male traits. Despite the fact that SARMs mimic testosterone, and aren’t actually raising levels of it, they still produce some male effects in the female body, especially because they can change levels of estrogen production.

These are the side effects that the female SARM cycle of an androgenic SARM can produce:

  • Acne and other skin problems
  • A slightly deepened voice
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased clitoral dimensions
  • Increased body hair growth

Now look, I think it’s important to tell you that those things aren’t all going to suddenly spring into life after a couple of weeks of using an androgenic SARMs stack.

However, if you keep hitting androgenic SARMs (I’ll remind you, that’s the SARMs that mimic testosterone, like RAD-140, S-23, Andarine, Ligandrol) at high doses, without significant breaks between cycles, then you could start to experience some of those problems.

You can’t use a PCT supplement in the way that men do to balance things out, so keeping things moderate and allowing time between cycles is key.

That’s exactly why I advocate a 10 week gap between SARMs cycles for stacks of androgenic SARMs being used by women.

Sarms side effects for woman

Are There Alternatives To Using SARMs That Get Results?

The alternative to female use of SARMs, is to use natural SARMs alternatives; natural bodybuilding supplements that are constructed to mimic the effects of SARMs.

No, they are not as potent. But, if you use them regularly, and especially if you stack them to multiply the benefits, they can be significantly better than natural bodybuilding. A significant halfway house between no additional benefits and the benefits of SARMs use.

However, an important point is that you won’t have any side effects at all. Because they are completely natural supplements, using only safe and natural ingredients stacked to get cumulative benefits, they just won’t be the problems you can get from SARMs.

Brutal Force is the company that I use for my natural SARMs alternatives. They are well priced, costing around $60-80 for a month’s supply of any product.

You can save any more money by buying a bulking, cutting, strength stack from them. Right now, the four product cutting stack is just $159.99, saving you $80 on the full individual sale price. Cardarine produces energy. They sell a natural alternative called Cardalean. The ingredients raise metabolism, increase energy output, and offer a degree of lean muscle protection in a calorie cut.

The Best Places To Buy SARMs

Let’s quickly finish this quick SARMs for women guide by telling you the best places to buy SARMs generally.

You are looking for online stores that offer purity guarantees. This means that every batch they buy is independently third-party lab tested, and the purity reports are then published on the website.

Swiss Chems are my first recommendation. They sell high-quality SARMs capsules. Capsules are brilliant because they avoid problems with weighing small doses of raw powder on a micro-scale, and allow you to dose precisely. Capsules are usually slightly more expensive than sublingual liquid, but you pay a little more for that convenience.

Thankfully, Chemyo is still producing high-quality SARMs and selling them in the USA. With the turbulence in the global economy, the war in Ukraine, the pandemic, and increasingly aggressive FDA action and legislation against supplement sellers, they are one of the few left standings.

They sell very high purity SARMs in 50 mL dropper bottles for around the same price that most people sell 30 mL dropper bottles. Doses of around the same level as well, so these aren’t just lower doses in a larger amount of liquid.

Let’s again talk about Cardarine, the ultimate energy booster. Dosing 10 mg/mL, a large 50 mL dropper bottle of Cardarine costs just $59.99 right now.

buy cardarine

My recommendation if you are going to get into SARMs, or already are using them, is to buy in bulk now. The market is so uncertain that just ordering enough for your next cycle/stack could see you lose out. By at least your next two stacks to make sure.