SR9011 Bodybuilding Guide: How To Use, Results, Stacking & Where To Buy

SR9011 bodybuilding

SARMs can be confusing, especially with many new ones appearing in the past couple of years. Sr9011 is one of those newer SARMs that people aren’t really using, because they don’t really get what the benefits are.

Is SR 9011 the same as SR 9009? If so, what’s the point in giving them different numbers? Well, there are subtle differences and I’m going to tell you what they are right now.

In this full Sr9011 bodybuilding guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this new research chemical with some fantastic benefits.

I will tell you how it works, and whether it’s best for bulking or cutting stacks. I’ll talk about dosing and cycling it. I’ll talk about the side effects and problems as well. Plus, we will discuss sr9011 vs sr9009, and how both of them compare to Cardarine, a very similar SARM.

Is Sr9011 A SARM?

A SARM is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. That means that it selectively activates androgen receptors. This mostly means being a selective agonist of androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue only.

Some SARMs are agonists of those androgen receptors, but can also be less targeted. S-23 and RAD-140 are the main SARMs that are very potent and closer to steroids because they less easily target muscle and bone tissue receptors. But here’s the thing. SR9011 isn’t a SARM at all. Its mechanism of action and its effects are completely different.

That’s the same with Sr 9009 and Cardarine. Both of which need to also be discussed within this review so you understand how they all subtly vary yet also achieve the same results.

How SR9011 Works

Once processed by the liver, SR9011 works in the same way as Sr9009, by increasing the constitutive repression of genes regulated by Rev-ErbA and Rev-ErbAB (Beta).

A repressor is a DNA binding protein (in the case of Sr9011 an artificial one) that inhibits gene expression.

In inhibiting the expression of genes regulated by Rev-Erba and Rev-ErbAB (Beta), it produces results described as “hormone and metabolic modulation”).

In studies, Activation of Rev-Erba in mice increased exercise capacity by increasing mitochondria counts in skeletal muscle. This is the same mechanism of action in both SR-9009 and SR-9011.

So what this is doing is basically affecting gene expression in a dose-dependent manner. In doing this it affects fatty acid processing, glucose production and availability, metabolism, and fat cell growth.

It even has a strong effect on the circadian rhythm (the natural desire to sleep and wake). This effect promotes better sleep and rest and increased wakefulness.

Before I talk specifically about bodybuilding benefits, I want to just mention the circadian rhythm thing. Sr9011 was observed in my studies to completely suppress the circadian pattern of expression in continually dark circumstances.

So, although this can promote wakefulness, and alertness, and make you feel incredibly rested, too much of it close to sleep can mean your body clock is messed up and you’ll end up struggling to sleep.

SR9011 Bodybuilding Benefits & Effects

 I’ve already talked about the body clock benefits, but let’s now go through everything in detail for you so that you can see the potential Sr9011 benefits you can derive.

  1. Its effect on circadian rhythm does mean you will be more alert, and also more regulated and rested during sleep as long as you do not take high doses close to the time go to bed.
  2. This is incredibly important. REV-ERB is central to lipid and glucose metabolism, by directly regulating them. This means you will get a significant energy boost.
  3. Also observed was increased gene expression in skeletal muscle. This appears to be the driver for an enhanced metabolic rate, with fatty acid transport into skeletal muscle tissue being enhanced. Put that together, and what you’ve got is the ability to work out harder and longer, and fuel muscle recovery far better than you can naturally.
  4. This increased metabolic rate can lead to weight loss, even on exactly the same calorie diet. Mice studies observed that even with the same daily food intake, mice lost around 10% of their bodyweight. Better than that, in another mouse study, specimens within groups given SR-9009 and SR-9011 lost on average 60% more weight than mice in the control group. Alongside this, they also demonstrated significant drops in cholesterol.
  5. Although it’s not a muscle builder in the same way as anabolic SARMs are, studies have noted that it can help your body regenerate microtears in muscle tissue faster:

Rev-Erb antagonists accelerate muscle regeneration following acute muscle injury by stimulating myoblast differentiation”

So although it’s not an aggressive muscle builder, it will help with recovery and muscle repair. That’s why stacking this research chemical alongside an anabolic SARM can mean that you build that aggressive new lean muscle mass even faster.

You’re also going to lose a ton of weight using this as well. On average, around 10% fat loss per cycle. One study noted:

“Taken together with the results from the CLAMS experiments, these data suggest that REV-ERB agonists increase energy expenditure by increasing fatty acid and glucose oxidation in the skeletal muscle.”

For me, this is really exciting, and exactly why I decided to try both SR9011 and SR9009. Now I use them to underpin every stack I do (unless I use Cardarine instead, which has similar effects in terms of increasing glucose and fatty acid energy availability).

Let me be clear here, this is what it’s going to do for you:

  • Increase available energy before, during, and after your workout
  • Supply increased energy directly to muscle tissue for faster recovery
  • Help to promote alertness and wakefulness
  • Increase rest and makes you feel happy
  • You will lose weight due to increased metabolic activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduce a low-calorie intake
  • Will increase your workout endurance levels

Overall, this is going to dramatically change your workout capacity and recovery. Used on its own, or stacked with anabolic SARMs, it’s going to increase energy availability, speed up recovery times, speed up muscle repair & growth, make you feel rested, burn more fat, and promote wakefulness.

SR9011 benefits

SR9011 Dosage & Cycle Length

You could use this indefinitely. It’s not anabolic, and in no studies on mice were any side effects noted. However, it’s never been through human trials. This applies to both SR-9011 and its close variant SR-9009. So I would be wary of using it that way.

Therefore, I always keep a cycle length of 12 weeks or less. Then I give my body at least a two-month break. That allows it to reset and for me to see if there are any problems.

In terms of SR9011 dosage, you’re in the same ballpark as with Sr9009.

10 mg is a low dose, 20 mg typical dose, and 30 mg is a high dose. Although effects are dose-dependent, doses above 50 mg in humans (anecdotal bodybuilding community evidence I’ve been researching, along with my own experiences) suggest that it starts to plateau between 30 mg and 50 mg.

So for me, my recommendation if you are using it on its own or in a stack is 10 mg to see how it goes. Kick it up to 15 mg or 20 mg after that, don’t go above 30 mg.

I’d also dose it in the morning as a single dose. Although some people split up, you are running the danger of more strongly altering your circadian rhythm through the night. This can lead to problems down the line with altered sleep patterns.

How To Stack SR 9011

The power of SARMs is in the stack. On their own they are potent, but you have to work really hard to derive the full benefits. Although that’s the same with SARMs stacks, because you are taking multiple SARMs that are hitting things in different ways, you multiply your rewards for the real effort you put in.

SR-9011 is no different. It can be used on its own to increase energy output, muscle recovery and repair, and wakefulness.

But because of those properties, it can underpin any SARMs stack. Bulking, cutting, or maintenance. It can be even used post cycle, or continued post cycle (although I wouldn’t always advise it).

This is an example of what I mean. Here’s a classic bulking stack that I personally use:

By underpinning it with this energy booster and recovery drug, you’ll maximize your gains, while shredding fat, and building strength.

Stack SR9011

SR-9011 Vs SR-9009:  Which Is Best?

I think you’ve already worked out there is not a huge amount of difference between SR-9011 and SR-9009. However, when it comes to a close comparison of SR-9011 Vs SR-9009, there is a slight difference in balance.

SR-9009 appears to be an agonist of REVERB-a only, while SR-9011 is both an A and B agonist.

That difference means that SR-9011 will affect the circadian rhythm balance more, while SR-9009 is slightly more focused on the fatty acid and glucose metabolism side.

In real terms, you’ll get slightly more energy from one, and slightly more benefit from wakefulness and recovery from the other. But in practical terms, it’s minimal.

Can You Trust Sr 9011 Before & After Photos?

Before I conclude this review, I just want to mention Sr9011’s before and after photos. A personal warning really.

When you see photos of before and after claims, you don’t really know the truth about them. You don’t know how long they’ve worked out for, what their body is like in terms of previous composition and history.

Also, you don’t know if they have used steroids, how long they’ve been using SARMs or steroids, and what stacks they used to achieve the look.

So nothing about the photo should be taken as the truth. For me, all you should do is note the properties of each of the SARMs you’re thinking of using, then experiment yourself and create your own before and after to compare.

Where To Buy SR9011 (Best Source)

There’s a real problem with SARMs supply right now. I think it’s going to be ongoing, which is why I advocate grabbing SARMs while you can right now from any reputable source. You’ve got the pandemic affecting shipping and closing down labs.

Add to that, the problems with Ukraine/Russia war. Both of those countries run a lot of private grey market labs and the export from all of them has dried up completely.

Plus, there’s increasing regulation in the USA which is starting to affect SARMs sellers and shut them down.

All that, on top of the Chinese SARMs ban which kicked in a year ago and has dried up supplies in China (but not completely as they are still being exported illegally in small quantities).

So if you can find a SARMs seller that still going in the USA with high-quality SARMs, grab what you can.

In terms of buying SR9011, Swiss Chems is selling it in capsule form right now.

60 capsules, each dose of 5 mg, currently cost $85.95. You’ll get 5% cashback on your purchase as well. Considering its capsules, which are perfect for exact dosing and convenience, that’s a really good price in the current market.