Behemoth Labz Review : SARMs, PCT – Quality & Results Analyzed

Behemoth Labz review

Most Behemoth Labz reviews really don’t tell you the truth. There’s so much different about this company, and you need a proper review to understand how interesting the differences are.

In this complete Behemoth Labz review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. A guide to the company and whether they are legit or fake.

I’ll tell you about the SARMs they sell, as well as the other bodybuilding chemicals. I’ll explain the results based on my own experiences, and talk to you about the unique angle I think this company has that really excites me.

Plus, you’ll hear about the PCT support stacks they sell, and I’ll finish by telling you where you can get a working Behemoth Labz coupon code that gives you 20% off every order.

Who Are Behemoth Labz & How Long Have They Been In Business?

I’ve seen claims in reviews of Behemoth Labz saying that they have been in business for 30 years. Evidently, that’s complete rubbish as SARMs and the Internet weren’t really a thing that long ago.

The company itself claims it started up in 2014, but the website domain was only registered in 2019. So, there is a history to this company, and Behemoth Labz is the latest step in it.

It’s also claimed that they are just a front for a company called PureRawz. Piecing together conversations online, this isn’t true either. It appears the people who run them know each other in real life, and were helped to set up the company and learn how to run it.

Behemoth Labz isn’t the only business they run either. They have the same customer support number as Nootropics Unlimited. So, this is not a tiny business, which should give you some trust that they are a proper operation and not some guy in a shed.

Behemoth Labz Product Range: SARMs, Peptides, PCT & Support

When I first heard about Behemoth Labz and visited the website, the thing that struck me was the sheer size of the range.

There are 11 main types of SARMs. There are also less well-known SARMs and related chemicals, peptides, prohormones, injectables, and combined SARMs pills; the range is literally huge.

Put that together, you have the following:

  • The biggest range of SARMs you will find
  • Good range of PCT supplement stacks
  • Seven types of peptides
  • Three prohormones
  • Injectable SARMs
  • Supporting supplements
  • Unique combined SARMs

When I saw all of this, I was incredulous. The Chinese SARMs export ban, along with the Eastern European war that took out the labs in Ukraine and Russia, along with global recession and shipping problems, is killed the glory days of the SARMs industry.

But this is a throwback. I have no idea where this company is getting the SARMs and supporting supplements from, but I haven’t seen a range like this for three years.

The really exciting thing was the combined SARMs capsules and liquid. I will talk more about those in a minute because they really are a fantastic choice to consider.

Overall though, nobody out there is rivaling the sheer size and diversity of the bodybuilding supplements range Behemoth Labz is currently offering.

Behemoth labz sarms

Behemoth Labz SARM Stacks (Liquid & Chemicals: Unique Angle I Love)

I really want to talk about this because it’s exciting. It’s something I’ve never seen before with a SARMs seller, and it makes things brilliantly simple if you are experienced, especially if you are a newbie.  Rather than having to mess around buying lots of different SARMs, and then taking several lots of capsules or liquids each day, this is a genius option I have never seen from anyone else.

They have combined several doses of SARMs into a single pill. A ready-made stack in a single dose that’s ready to go.

There are 18 ready-made stacks in single-pill doses. Here’s an example of what you get in a single pill of the “bulk stack” as an example:

  • 10 mg RAD-140 Testolone
  • 15 mg ACP-105
  • 10 mg YK-11
  • 20 mg MK-2866 Ostarine

ACP-105 is similar to Andarine in its output effects but slightly milder. So you will get lean and dry gains.

Then, the non-androgenic research chemical YK-11 will help to build up large bulk, it’s like a steroid in its effects.

The team that up with Ostarine, and the hard bulking of Testolone, and you’ve got an incredible bulking and sculpting stack in a single daily pill.

What’s The Quality Like?

For your money, you are getting 60 capsules of high-quality SARMs or other supplements. In the liquid, you are getting 30 mL of high-dose SARMs. As an example, let’s look at Andarine.

A strong dose is considered to be 50 mg, and it’s rare you get liquid of that strength or higher. Behemoth Labz offers you a choice of strengths for all the SARMs, including Andarine. You can choose to a dose of 33 mg, 53 mg, or a ridiculous (I would not recommend it) 100 mg/mL.

So not only do get high-strength SARMs, but you get a choice of how many milligrams per milliliter you want. This allows for better dosing than most SARMs sellers provide.

Behemoth Labz Review: Results & My Experiences Using Them

It doesn’t matter what SARMs seller has to offer, it’s the results that really matter. I’ve used these guys for a while now, and I’m really happy with the quality of the SARMs.

They just feel right and work well. If you are experienced with SARMs, you will know what I mean by that. Within a couple of weeks of taking them, you start to feel different:

  • Stronger
  • More vascular
  • Energized
  • Determined
  • Muscle growth accelerates
  • Recovery times lessened
  • Feelings of satisfaction

Having bulked and cut using the proprietary single dose stacks, I can tell you it’s the ultimate in convenience, and you get good results.

If you want an incredible bulk from a single dose of liquid SARMs, then I would recommend the LGD+RAD+YK bottle.

It’s an incredible dose per milliliter:

  • 16 mg Ligandrol
  • 32 mg Testolone
  • 10 mg YK-11

That is an incredibly potent SARMs stack, and double the dose strength a beginner should take. That tells you that the SARMs are for serious guys who want to significantly bulk up or cut fat.

The prices are a little higher because of this but look at the convenience and the potency you are getting. It’s incredible and different. You really are missing out if you don’t take a look at these multi-SARM pills and liquid.

sarms results

Do They Sell PCT Supplements That Work?

Although Behemoth Labz doesn’t sell Nolvadex or Clomid, or anything similar in terms of SERMs, they do sell a good range of stacked PCT support supplements.

For example, they do a stack called the Post Cycle Max PCT treatment, which contains:

  • Laxogenin capsules (a plant steroid)
  • Arimistane capsules (natural aromatase inhibitor)
  • Cycle It capsules (proprietary blended recovery support capsules)

So this is definitely an all-around PCT supplement. It’s a natural aromatase inhibitor (which blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen), along with a natural plant steroid that allows you to keep bulking up without depleting testosterone, alongside the blended recovery capsules which help you to generally keep your energy levels up.

Is Behemoth Labz Legit?

For me, when asked the question around is Behemoth Labz legit, my answer is definitely a yes.

I’ve used the SARMs and I’ve got good results. You can feel they are SARMs, and they are the same sort of effects I’ve had with other legit other companies, including Swiss Chems and Chemyo.

These are the key reasons why think they are legit and why I recommend you take a look at Behemoth Labz:

  • Wide range of SARMs
  • Stacked capsules and liquid are unique
  • Good pricing
  • Range of doses allow tailoring of strength
  • PCT support
  • Range of peptides and prohormones
  • Free shipping
  • Current third-party COA lab test reports demonstrate purity

Put all that together, and for me, Behemoth Labz is not only the real deal, but they are unbeatable ones right now in a tightening SARMs availability/quality market.

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So Behemoth Labz Fake Claims Aren’t True?

Look, you are always going to get people moaning. They will always claim something is fake, a scam, or it didn’t work for them and therefore won’t work for anyone. So when people scream “Behemoth Labz fake” then you have to take it with real skepticism.

You don’t know how long these people worked out, or how hard they worked. SARMs don’t work without hard work.

Then, you don’t know what doses they took, which SARMs they took, and what their physiology was like. You simply cannot take at face value anything people say online when it comes to screaming that something isn’t legitimate, that it doesn’t work.

My advice is always the same. Try it yourself at least once, and see the results for yourself.

Behemoth Labz Coupon Code (20% Off Every Order You Make)

I’ll finish up this review of Behemoth Labz by telling you that there is currently a working 20% off discount coupon code. Obviously, that’s a significant discount, and the better news is that it applies to every order you make.

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Not only will you get the 20% off, but within the USA you’ll also get free shipping. Internationally, shipping is also very cheap, so I think it’s subsidized.