Is Swiss Chems A Legit Source Of High-Quality SARMs, Nolvadex, And Peptides?

Swisschems review

Today I want to cover the company called Swiss Chems. You may well have heard of them, but may not have ordered from them because there’s always been so much choice around. However, the SARMs market (including peptides, PCT supplements, and nootropics/pre-workout chemicals) has changed dramatically in the past year or so.

So what I want to do right now is tell you everything you need to know about Swiss Chems. But more than that, I want to explain my personal experience, and why I now recommend them above any other SARMs seller.

I don’t want you to get caught out. I hope you’ll see that in this dramatically shifting market, grabbing high-quality SARMs is something you need to do right now, and Swiss Chems are a company supplying them.

Here’s Why It’s Getting Harder To Buy High-Quality SARMs & PCT Supplements Online

There are three huge reasons why the SARMs and supplements market is crashing. You’ve got the Chinese ban on the manufacturer and export of SARMs. That’s alongside similar problems with nootropics and other supplements. As China is responsible for making 90% of the SARMs in the world, well, you can see why it’s a problem.

One of the main alternative areas of the world that makes nootropics and other chemicals like SARMs and peptides is Ukraine and Russia. I’m pretty sure you can understand why there’s not going to be any supply from either of those countries for some considerable time.

Plus, there’s the pandemic. A lot of factories and labs switched to profitable Covid drug manufacture, alongside the issues with global supply chains.

So finding a SARMs source is tough. It’s getting tougher, and quality is going down, which is why Swiss Chems get my vote and my money now. They are still providing high-purity SARMs at reasonable prices.

Swiss Chems The Perfect Replacement For Customers with the biggest and most trusted name in SARMs and other research chemicals for several years. I bought a lot of my SARMs from them, and I’m sure many people reading this did as well.

However, they’ve announced they are closing at the end of March 2022. A disaster for anyone looking for high-quality SARMs.

I used Swiss Chems on numerous occasions though, and although they only sell capsules of SARMs rather than liquid, they are one of the few sellers out there who can immediately take up the challenge.

Let’s Talk About The Swiss Chems SARMs Range

Swiss Chems sell tame types of SARMs, the main ones you would expect alongside a couple of lesser-known ones.

Here’s the full Swiss Chems SARMs range:

So as you can see, whether you are bulking or cutting, you can create a potent SARMs stack using Swiss Chems and run a cycle.

Purity is high. Guaranteed through an independent third-party lab tests. Right there on the website, you can see this, and they are updated frequently.

Here’s Why I Personally Use And Recommend Swiss Chems

I’ve run cycles of Swiss Chems SARMs many times now, and never had a problem with side effects or poor results. That’s the main reason I feel confident in recommending them.

It’s also for a variety of checkbox reasons that I’ve learned to look for over the years:

  • High purity is guaranteed through lab test reports
  • Plenty of positive feedback online
  • A good range of sarms, pct, and peptides
  • Pricing is reasonable but not too cheap or expensive (both big red flags)
  • Track record of positive reviews is several years long

Any SARMs seller that can’t provide all that shouldn’t be trusted. There are plenty of them out there that don’t tick all those boxes, which is why there aren’t many that I recommend (and that list is getting shorter as sellers disappear).

Is Swiss chems legit

Swiss Chems Nolvadex & Other PCT Supplements Are Also Superb Quality

Swiss Chems are not just about high-quality SARMs though, they are one of the few online sellers who also offer a wide range of PCT supplements. It always surprises me how few SARMs sellers also sell the essential PCT supplements. Surely it’s an easy win to make money?

Swiss Chems offer many different types of PCT supplement. These include generic versions of Nolvadex and Clomid, as well as things like Raloxifene and Letrozole. Swiss Chems Nolvadex is very high-quality. High in purity, and I’ve used it several times now to bounce my T levels back in around two weeks.

60 capsules, each dosing 20 mg, currently costs $80. Even at 40 mg per dose, you’re still looking at four weeks of dosing for just $80.

The Future Is Uncertain So Grab What You Can Right Now

 I don’t want to worry you, but if you use SARMs (or are thinking about it) then now is the time to buy.

For all the reasons I have already mentioned, supply chains are only going to get even less certain over the coming months.

That means less quality and higher prices. It’s obvious and I’m sure you can see that.

This is why you should look at your next to stacks at least. If you’re doing even shorter eight weeks stacks, with PCT and recovery of a similar length, buying the SARMs to do your next to stacks could mean you are secure with stocks for the next four or five months.

In fact, looking at the state of global supply, I’ve already ensured that I have enough SARMs to do for stacks over the next 12 months (three bulking and one cutting), plus plenty of PCT.

Working Swiss Chems Coupon Code: Get It Before It Expires

 Before I finish here, I want to just highlight the fact that there is a working Swiss Chems coupon code out there.

It’s a working 10% code: gyula10.

Just enter it during the checkout process and it will take 10% off your total order. I used it twice already and it works like a charm.

Again, as with buying SARMs, I don’t know how long this code will last, so I’d advise you get your order in quickly if you are thinking about doing so.